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PRE ICO Dates : 01/06/18 – 21/08/18
Ended ICO : 22/08/18 – 15/10/18

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About miBoodle ICO (token sale)

miBoodle is a decentralised application enabling consumers all over the world to build a sustainable online income using tried and tested digital method. miBoodle combines multiple advertiser assets into a consumer centric platform where members are in control of the information being shared inside and outside of the application provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to increase the performance of all advertiser campaigns. Using proprietary algorithms and scoring techniques we have created a true multi-layer propensity scoring system utilising all data to enhance, enrich and increase the performance of all marketing campaigns within miBoodle that is hashed to the Ethereum blockchain, which increase all miBoodle member earnings. Using gamification and variable rewards techniques to increase miBoodle members earnings utilising MIBO tokens to increase earnings and commissions by moving up the miBoodle tiers

For the User

The miBoodle team has built the first “Work from home” online money-making platform that democratizes the advertising industry based on blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide a platform that enables all consumers to earn a second income online in an efficient, transparent and responsible way, utilizing tried and tested online digital advertising channels which have been packaged up for the mass market.

There are a host of online money-making schemes for consumers based on untried and untested methods. miBoodle opens the world of online advertising, which until now has been exclusively for major corporations, to the public. miBoodle enables people to build advertising ready and approved monetization assets while providing all members a route to market based on Social media integrations.

miBoodle enables all consumers to become a micro-publisher, a micro-social influencer and a micro-affiliate. Imagine a platform that opens the world of online advertising and enables everybody to earn money online the way big corporations do. This is miBoodle and it is free to use!

miBoodle members earn money every day and can get paid monthly in either fiat currency (£s, $s, €s etc.), or miBoodle tokens. If a member decides to get paid in miBoodle tokens they can use these tokens to gain entry to the next miBoodle tier. This means they can earn more by holding these tokens or sell they can sell them. Selling the tokens gives other people the opportunity to gain entry, and to jump straight into the higher earning tiers, the choice is theirs.

miBoodle offers its members 4 tiers. Each tier is exclusively accessed via the miBoodle (MIBO) token which increases members earning commissions.

For the Advertiser

Utilizing proven digital advertising channels provides our marketing advertisers, networks and agency partners with 1) Accurate performance data, and 2) Transparency through marketing campaign, data insights. Until now have sat in isolated environments which over time do not accurately reflect the dynamic and ever-changing advertising marketplace.

As the World’s first “Work from Home” blockchain platform, miBoodle will open the world of online advertising to a wider audience, generating sustainable revenues for our members while maximizing trust and transparency for our advertisers.

We are empowering consumers all over the world to build a second income stream through miBoodle, which is secure, transparent and beneficial for all parties including consumers who have been left behind in the current advertising bonanza. Members can now take advantage of their social media influence and maximize their reach capability using our platform. Users will be armed with our tools to compete with current affiliate and celebrity advertisers in the social media marketplace.

All advertiser reporting, performance and insights, coupled with miBoodle member monthly performance and revenue generation is hashed to the Ethereum blockchain, with smart contracts to create the MIBO-Data generated eco-system. This provides visibility to drive greater results for advertisers and increased earning opportunities for miBoodle members.