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PRE ICO Dates : 25/07/18 – 16/08/18
Ended ICO : 16/08/18 – 30/09/18

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ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 1057143
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C3C is a revolutionary protocol for replacing the advertising-driven business model of online media.

It will achieve this by establishing a decentralized platform with three pillars:
1) Consumers reward content creators directly, as simply as giving a Facebook Like;
2) Consumers own their personal data and earn rewards by deliberately sharing personal data with advertisers;
3) Advertisers reach, interact with, and reward their target customers directly.

The first online content community, powered by C3C, will be CryptoCoin.News, a leading crypto industry news site. Over time, other media sites will implement C3C, extending its reach as a worldwide, reward-driven advertising solution.

We believe the current digital advertising model is broken.
Advertisers lack control and battle with traffic and fraud. Last year, Google reported1 that 56.1 percent of all ads served were not viewed by humans. In December 2017, the Association of National Advertisers and security firm WhiteOps estimated2 that up to a quarter of video ad views were from fraudulent software bots, and as much as half of publisher traffic comes from bots of a similar nature. In total, this represents a projected $6 billion-plus in wasted ad spend.

On the other hand, consumers are the real product of companies like Facebook and Google, with no control over how their personal data and created content is used and monetized. Recent incidents have shown how personal data can be harvested and abused for commercial and political means.

As an advertising-focused, blockchain-based reward protocol, C3C will remedy the current, dysfunctional system. We will give consumers back control over their data, provide advertisers with the means to reach the highest quality audiences directly, and reward content creators fairly in a decentralized ecosystem.

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Role of Token

The C3C token is used as the payment token for rewarding creators and consumers:

  • Consumers reward creators by giving “Like” actions, which sends tokens.
  • Advertisers reward consumers when they participate in campaigns.
  • Consumers are paid when advertisers access their personal data.

Consumers can then use C3C tokens to access premium, paid content.
Please note that while C3C tokens will initially be issued as ERC20 tokens, they will be converted into native, C3C blockchain tokens at a 1:5 ratio after the MainNet launch.

Token Economics

C3C tokens are not speculative assets — they are the interaction instrument between all players in the ecosystem.

There are four ways to obtain C3C tokens:
1. Contributing in the ICO and AirDrop.
2. Participating in advertising activities and sharing personal data with advertisers.
3. Exchange the token from other cryptocurrencies.
4. Purchase with cash.

Advertisers need C3C tokens to purchase inventory. To acquire them, the C3C ecosystem facilitates direct transactions between advertisers and users through the blockchain.