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The Art of blockchain. ArtPro ICO rating – 63

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Upcoming ICO : 25/07/19 – 03/09/19

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Business: 12/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 15/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 12/20 
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About ArtPro ICO (token sale)

ArtPro ICO does not profess to unilaterally solve all of the problems afflicting the art industry. The ArtPro platform, however, will play a significant role in helping the art world to advance into the digital age, and in democratizing fine art for a global audience.

ArtPro will operate as a platform that connects participants and stakeholders within the ArtPro ecosystem. The most visible manifestation of this will be the ArtPro website and dApp, which form an information-rich portal for accessing a complete suite of resources for art aficionados.

Education and access to contemporary art are provided through a range of multimedia resources including articles, tutorials and videos. Aspiring investors will be guided through the fundamentals of appraising and acquiring fine art, from first steps to advanced strategies. Most importantly, buyers and sellers are connected, enabling art to be traded instantly using the APT token via the MetaMask browser or in-app wallet.

Developers are free to create dApps built upon the ArtPro protocol, and a reward fund will incentivize the development of meritorious projects. Features such as provenance reports and the ArtPro marketplace can be integrated into third party platforms via API, bringing artists and their work to a wider audience.


The ArtPro ICO marketplace operates as an online gallery where individuals can browse art and learn more about its composition and creator. Each work of art is priced in the viewer’s native fiat currency and in APT, and can be purchased instantly or added to a watchlist. There is also the option to view the certificate of authenticity assigned to each piece of art, which has been encoded in the blockchain to prove its provenance.

The location of each artwork will also be specified. Some artists and galleries will retain custody of the works they list on the platform, while others will entrust them to ArtPro’s secure vault. ArtPro has partnered with a fine art storage warehouse located in London and will add facilities in other major cities. Works can be stored for short or long-term, and buyers have the option to inspect and receive artworks on location by appointment. The ArtPro vault is fully insured and has been independently approved by risk assessors.

Buyers can purchase art via the ArtPro Market whilst retaining their privacy. The purchase details they choose to share with the seller will not be shared with ArtPro or other third parties. (Sellers, however, can specify preferences including countries they are willing to ship to and may elect to trade with fully verified and/or highly rated buyers only.)

The marketplace will be populated with a range of artworks spanning multiple artists, styles, sizes, price ranges, and countries of origins. As the platform grows, the range of browsable artworks available will increase. Buyers who interact with the platform, such as by viewing provenance reports or acquiring artworks, will earn trust and grow their reputation, which will be visible to other platform users they interact with including sellers.

Sellers who utilize the ArtPro platform can access a range of tools to help them record, promote, and sell their art. Galleries and artists that ArtPro has partnered with will be granted priority on boarding and guided through the process. A user-friendly interface will make it easy for all artists, regardless of their technical prowess, to register, complete verification, upload, and price their work.

ArtPro ICO partner artists and galleries will have their work inventoried, stored, and uploaded to the platform for listing and sale, accompanied by a provenance report.

Independent artists and galleries wishing to list their work will be able to do so manually. Or they can entrust the task, including storage, to the ArtPro ICO curation team for a fee. To incentivize early adopters, ArtPro may lower or waive this fee as part of its artist acquisition strategy.

How it works

  • Artists and sellers create their profile
  • New entries are uploaded onto the blockchain or existing works can be retrieved from the blockchain and listed on the marketplace
  • Prospective buyers can filter and search as they would a conventional online shop
  • The market will feature a rating system for all listed pieces addressing the following questions:
    – Does it have complete provenance?
    – Does it only have partial journey history/records?
    – Is there proof of existence on the blockchain for the artist?
    – What is the condition of the work?

The buyer can then make an informed decision with complete faith in the ratings system as a purchasing standard, giving them the confidence to buy online