SecureCryptoPayments ICO (SEC Token)

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Integrated enterprise eCommerce solution for processing cryptocurrency into fiat money with cashback for buyers. SecureCryptoPayments ICO rating – 56

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PRE ICO Dates : 25/01/19 – 01/03/19
Active ICO : 01/04/19 – 01/06/19

ICO rating
Business: 16/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 6/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 12/20 Token applying: 2/5 Promotion: 8/20 
web site SecureCryptoPayments
web site SecureCryptoPayments
web site SecureCryptoPayments
web site SecureCryptoPayments
web site SecureCryptoPayments
web site SecureCryptoPayments
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 4 322 694

About SecureCryptoPayments ICO (token sale)

SecureCryptoPayments is a payment gateway the main feature of which is quick and secure payments between buyers and merchants (individuals or companies) in a convenient for both parties way. We offer to merchants an opportunity to securely receive funds in fiat money. As for buyers, they will receive an opportunity to pay in cryptocurrency without using exchange offices or third-party services, which will save their time and money. By creating the add-on for eCommerce platforms in the form of a link cartridge1 and add-in2 , we deal with the problems of both parties at once – buyers and merchants. We combine the best ways of transaction security that are created in the modern generation of fiat systems with the innovative advantages of Blockchain, and release our own token that has all unique features, described below in this document. One of the distinctive features of this system is a Multilayer Loyalty System that uses its own SEC token. The SecureCryptoPayments platform aims to provide buyers with the same protection of their interests they are used to when making purchases with the help of traditional payment methods. We will act as an agent between buyers and merchants. Our roadmap is planned till end of 2019 and includes various versions of our software and cooperation with various eCommerce platforms. Link cartridge creation is a unique part of SecureCryptoPayments. It will give you an opportunity to integrate our service into various eCommerce platforms fast and at minimal cost. In its turn, SecureCryptoPayments will disclose a new crypto market to merchants that is already rich in potential buyers.

Our SEC token is an organic constituent of the platform. Due to it, it will be possible to finance the entire program and ensure the interest of potential users of the solution. The SEC token is implemented with support for the ERC20 standard. The main advantage of this solution is determined by the peculiarities of this standard. Such a project will definitely be compliant with the other ones using similar specifications. This will allow you to freely operate the SEC token within the Ethereum blockchain.

Based on the best opportunities, provided by the blockchain technology, we want to ensure the possibility of conducting fast transactions, charging lower commissions, and reducing barriers to international transactions. It will provide merchants with favourable conditions for selling goods to a growing international audience of cryptocurrency holders.

This is an ambitious project aimed at creating an integrated software platform from scratch, that will bring tangible economic returns to its supporters by increasing the cost of tokens, and to the community of buyers and merchants. It will cause further growth of the platform by means of increasing the number of transactions. We believe that cryptocurrencies are actively developing and will soon become much more than just a subject for speculation. They will occupy the minds and wallets of consumers. We are sure that this is a new determinant that will change the way buyers and merchants use cryptocurrency. The only missing link now is an intermediary platform people will trust.

The SEC Token

Receive the SEC tokens through the existing preICO or ICO with the bonus, mentioned on the website in % at the early stages.

After the successful launch of SecureCryptoPayments, you will have the opportunity to receive the SEC tokens as bonuses within the Cashback and Loyalty System for purchases on the website.

The SEC token is developed according to the ERC20 standard based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum was a natural choice for this project due to its wide implementation and the availability of industry standards for the release of individual digital assets. Compatibility with the ERC20 standard provides distinct advantages due to the existing infrastructure in the ecosystem of Ethereum, that is related to developer’s tools, wallets, and exchanges. The total number of generated tokens is 121,000,000. The overall number of tokens is determined not only by the amount that needs to be collected for the development and performance of the platform, but also by the requirement to implement the Loyalty System in the platform. The issue of additional tokens is impossible. This is stated in the smart contract. In order to sustain the price of the token, there will be no free distribution of tokens as a bounty reward. To maintain the proper work of the Loyalty System, SecureCryptoPayments will constantly redeem the required number of tokens from the SEC holders at a market price.

The long-term benefit of our system is the positive correlation between the SEC price and the number of transactions that are conducted on our platform. The more purchases are made through our platform, the more SEC will be paid as cashback and, accordingly, the more tokens will be redeemed to make the Loyalty System work properly. It will boost the trade volume and increase the demand and value of the SEC token.