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Ended ICO : 08/07/18 – 07/11/18

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web site Block-chain
web site Block-chain
web site Block-chain
web site Block-chain
web site Block-chain
web site Block-chain
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 1197045
Rank in IN – 211439, Rank in RU – 735024 is an independent project aimed at keeping its users informed about the most significant and interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain events. The website offers to its users regulated and validated flows of information which is quite convenient due to the accessibility and independence.

Every post the user generates shall have proof of news, as the source link, video, or screenshot – the more proves are attached, the faster does the redaction post it on the website and trigger the payment for the author.Block- allows you to hold your finger on the crypto industry’s pulse, being informed of all the latest trends, changes and innovations. It is helpful for both developers, who can meet the main people in world of cryptocurrency and build their own cryptocurrency portfolio, and for investors, who have a chance to support promising projects and to establish new contacts. has its own ERC-20 token that offers a benefits package to all community members. BC token is a Utility type token.

The token is made to support inner content circulation, by motivating bloggers and writers to produce unique content about blockchain sphere.

As well as for users, BC token is used by the companies and ICOs as the payment for promotional and listing services.

The Token Tokens (BC) can be earned in various ways: signing up, signing in once a day, sending news or filling personal information in a user profile, or simply purchasing them. Moreover, every user can get BC tokens for activities on the website, including writing, reading and sharing news. The tokens could be spent on self promotion, advertisement, and premium services.
The emission is limited to 247,000,000 tokens already released. Therefore, the contribution of each person increases the token value – this is a classic rule applied to the tokens. Independent authors, crypto-investors, crypto analysts and founders of projects in the field of blockchain are just some of the categories that may find the token useful.

We tried to make sure that our project meet the vital needs of all segments of the cryptocommunity and therefore:

  • For ordinary users we offer interesting and understandable news, terminological clarification and introduction of basic blockchain principles. Our website is easy to navigate and has the most fascinating quantitative and qualitative content. Airdrops of interesting projects.
  • Professional users are offered the latest crypto news, detailed reviews and statistics of everything that can be analyzed and measured. We do not give any investment advice, but we provide a wide range of instruments crucial for successful analysis. Airdrops from blockchaincom partners.
  • Writers and bloggers have an opportunity to receive some of the 100,000,000 BC token as a reward for their approved publications. There will exist a rank system and users will have their personal pages containing their news and selected articles and other points. personal pages will be able to evolve into microblogs.
  • ICO projects, blockchain-powered businesses and other crypto companies will have an opportunity to register their ICO listings. Beyond that, they will be offered to purchase services in promotion of the project within our ecosystem. the website involves a flexible discount system based on BC tokens. Business users are invited to order advertisement and to promote their projects on the website, with payments in cryptocurrencies. But if an individual or a group pays in BC tokens, there is a special bonus, as the total price would be lower than if paid in other currency.
  • We place colourful banners in the center of the upper area of the website, which makes them fairly noticeable but not annoying. If a sponsored article is ordered, it is posted with a picture created especially for the post and the text is unique. Advertisement is naturally integrated into the article that also contains analysis and educational aspect.
  • provides thoroughly collected key information on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and guarantees its verified nature. The website sets high standards for the selected data and does not permit publication of rumours or inaccurate information.

To control the quality of our content, we are developing our own editorial office and to motivate the users, we’ve created the domestic cryptocurrency.