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Delta-X is creating a revolutionary token that will be fully compliant with the regulators and registered with the SEC

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Ended ICO : 01/09/18 – 15/12/18

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web site Delta-X
web site Delta-X
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Delta-X Exchange Goals, Features and Functionality

Currently cryptocurrencies are scattered across multiple exchanges so users have to have accounts on multiple platforms in order to have access to all cryptocurrencies and this is such a headache, causing you to lose out on trading opportunities and airdrops due to delays in transferring funds from one platform to another not to mention having to pay fees for those transfers.

The Delta-X Exchange and DLX will eliminate all these problems as we will support all active cryptocurrencies, most airdrops / forks and also allow you to cash out to fiat should you wish to do so.

Most platforms are not user friendly, as they do not allow for quick trading, smooth transition between pages and minimum button clicks to perform a trade.
Delta-X Exchange will be all this and more with the “less is more” approach on the trading screen and not clutter it with info, services and products that could be displayed elsewhere.

We also want our users to benefit from our success so this is why we will be sharing 100% of our profit with Delta-X coin holders. 50% will be paid out to coin holders in crypto, or once the functionality is available, fiat, if the user so chooses and the other 50% will go into the DLX coin, increasing its value from month to month.

As Delta-X develops and grows, we will be rolling out facilities such as an online shop where you can buy, bid or trade with a pay in difference and do it all in Crypto.

We will be collaborating with current- and/or establishing our own Retail stores, Tech stores, 2nd hand stores, service providers, etc. worldwide, enabling you to pay with any currency that is on the Delta-X Exchange, in store.
You will be able to pay for your groceries, fixing your car, hiring a contractor, having your hair done, buying and selling used goods, going to a bar, fast foods, entertainment etc. all with your crypto. We will create jobs by establishing stores and pay employees in crypto.

We will offer a delivery services so you can order all your groceries/goods online and have it delivered to you within 24 hours.

This will all be possible thanks to the Delta-X brand, which will be so much more than just a crypto exchange.

Ultimately, our goal is to be a one-stop shop and offer our own product and services as well as those similar to others brands so that you can have access to the world at your fingertips and all from one platform.