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Xtribe is a profitable company ready to disrupt geomarketplaces as we know them using the blockchain

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PRE ICO Dates : 09/08/18 – 09/09/18
Ended ICO : 10/09/18 – 15/12/18

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Xtribe is an M-Commerce company that takes advantage of geolocation technology to match supply and demand of its Users. To this day, we’ve been successful in disintermediating and decentralising the market. Our next goal is to take our business model one step further with the aid of Blockchain Technology.

Xtribe’s service is offered through a free smartphone Application (currently available in Italian and English) which uses an active geolocation tool. Transactions are done directly between party and counter-party. The proximity between buyer and sellers allowed Xtribe to conduct its business without the need for intermediaries or commissions. As the company continued to grow, we realized that the interactions on our App could be more efficient with the integration of blockchain technology. Currently, payments cannot be completed within the App. Instead, they are completed in-person, directly between parties involved in the transaction. Integrating blockchain will allow us to maintain zero intermediary fees, increase our security and speed, and as a result, increase the scalability and reach of our service.

Xtribe’s team is currently working with some of the top Blockchain Specialists and Marketing Advisors worldwide, in order to deploy a fully Blockchain integrated business model.

Alongside Blockchain’s potential, Xtribe has two more signi cant success factors on its side.

First, the company’s expansion plan. The rate of growth of E-commerce and of its most current version, M-commerce, in the US represents a unique opportunity. Xtribe’s expansion plan during 2018-19 focalizes on the New York Metropolitan area, in 2020 on San Francisco Bay Area and on California’s urban centres and in 2021 on the Chicago Metropolitan area. The Population living in these areas totals over 60M people. In the next 12 months Xtribe’s target is to reach 1.2 M Users in NYC (5%) and 9.5k businesses.

Second, Xtribe’s history and experience. Xtribe is a real company, up and running. Xtribe is operational in the UK, Switzerland, Italy (under the name of X-solution srl) as well as in the US. Xtribe Plc acts as a holding company. It holds the totality of shares (100%) of Xtribe Suisse SA as well as of Xtribe US Corp. During 3rd quarter of 2018, the latter will buy back the totality of X-solution’s shares, which will then change its company name in Xtribe Italy. The share capital of Xtribe Plc, headquartered in London (UK), is of USD 306,000, which represents 9M shares divided among 28 Shareholders. Management holds 66.05% of shares.

Revenues stem primarily from the B2B services offered under the Xtribe Store subscriptions (dedicated to businesses), whose Users pay a monthly fee. As of today, over 500k Users and 4.5 k businesses in Italy, located in Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples make use of our Application. Our 2018 target is to reach over 1M Users and 7.5k businesses.

Executive Management Team : Enrico dal Monte (CEO), Mattia Sistigu (COO), Marco Paolucci (CTO), Stojan Dragovich ( President Xtribe US Corp).

XRBT Token Sale

The primary goal of the Xtribe Token Generation Event (TGE) is to enable Xtribe to pursue its expansion strategy in the North American market and further develop its existing infrastructures and services.

The XRBT Token will be accessible for presale at the Token Generation Event (TGE).

The pre-sale event will enable Xtribe to gather the necessary value to pursue the development of the broad variety of services included in the roadmap.

Total amount of Tokens to be issued by Xtribe = 2B XRBT