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Token of Your Real Estate Opportunity.
Be a part of the unique blockchain-based project with underlying real estate. Elements Estates ICO rating – not rated.

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About Elements Estates ICO (token sale)

he Elements Estates project will encompass the novel ideas of cryptocurrencies and asset management through decentralized ledgers, based on blockchain technology. We will build an online platform that will introduce to the market real estate initially deriving from distress asset at favorable prices Until recently that type of deals in the SEE region were mainly accessible only to large scale institutional and wealthy private investors because of their size and complexity to purchase.

Elements Estates has made its focus on distress real estate to power the fund created for three main reasons:

1. With redevelopment of distress properties, which will help to improve communities, the environment and upgrade urban feeling and surroundings These improvements to distressed or abandoned properties reinvigorate an area and improve the quality of life for everyone

2. Because our properties will be derived from distress deals, we will be able to o er the real estate market and ELES community the possibility of buying or renting properties at more favorable prices compared to prices on the direct real estate market

3. Due to the specific ELES ecosystem and the lockdown period (see more under chapter “Token management”) for each token used, we intend to accomplish idyllic environment for holders of other crypto currencies who will want to transfer a part of the assets into ELES tokens We are creating it as a crypto-currency with a high potential for the growth of the value which nevertheless has a stable underlying base.

The platform will act as a closed ecosystem in which ELES tokens will be used as exclusive payment mean and offering all the services available to ELES token holders at favorable conditions regarding the general public and will be structured into the three main categories:

Properties which are used to house individuals and families as their main domicile

Properties which are used by businesses to operate

Properties, which are maintained to allow part-time, or one time stays by individuals or families

The platform will serve as interaction hub between ELES token holders and the fund itself Users of the platform will be able to see the latest projects, planned acquisitions, properties available for sale and for rent It will use blockchain technology to verify real estate transactions that will be available for participants using ELES tokens

The fund will focus on identifying distressed assets within SEE region that can be restructured as real estate projects Fund will strategically identify properties and acquire it at value that will be significantly lower (up to 80 percent expected) than the market price. These properties will then be finalized/renovated and evolved for following purposes:

Selling to ELES token holders
Users wishing to purchase a property which is held by the fund must do so in ELES tokens

Selling to the general public
Anyone wishing to purchase a property which is held by the Fund will be able to purchase them through ELES platform. If the buyer is a non-holder of ELES tokens, he will be able to pay in at currency (additional exchange fee will be charged) and ELES platform will be obligated to exchange received payment to ELES tokens in shortest time possible

Renting to ELES token holders
Those users who have signed up to the platform will be able to rent properties (tourism, commercial and residential) owned and operated by the Fund for favorable rates compared to general public Payment will be made solely in ELES tokens