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The World’s First Decentralized Student Economy. Spitball ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 03/03/19 – 05/03/19

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About Spitball ICO (token sale)

Spitball 2.0 is a Student Economy where participants from around the world can exchange knowledge, content, and items; receive fair compensation for their contributions; and keep their privacy secure – all while comprehensively lowering their costs. Generation Z is the most likely to embrace and utilize cryptocurrencies as an integral part of their daily lives. Spitball 2.0 will onboard these students into the crypto world in the most natural environment through its customized crypto wallet.

The vision of Spitball 2.0 is a next-generation Student Economy defined by transparency, direct P2P interaction between students, and fair profit opportunity for community contributors.

Free of intermediaries, Spitball 2.0 will create a self-sustained global ecosystem based around the SBL token where students retain control of their academic content and gain various benefits from exchanging it against SBL tokens, content or services, with blockchain-powered records immutably storing intellectual property on a globally distributed ledger.

The Solution: A Decentralized Student Economy

Spitball 2.0 is a rst-of-its-kind, student-driven economy that will enable users to bene t from their contributions, ensuring fair compensation for offered goods, services, and academic knowledge.

Without the costly involvement of centralized intermediaries, students will have the ability to properly bene t from activity in a peer-to-peer digital marketplace, deriving real value for the global student community.

Beyond its marketplace offerings, Spitball 2.0 will also host built-in learning and trading functionalities, including video conferencing options for tutoring, high-grade class notes storage, homework help forums, and open source architecture for third-party developers to add and expand platform services with unique DApps (decentralized applications) for the bene t of participants.

Participating students will have the ability to earn tokens in the Spitball 2.0 ecosystem by completing useful actions, such as providing correct answers to community-posted questions or promoting the listings of items/services for sale.

A recent market survey performed by Spitball found that students want to learn more about the cryptocurrency sphere, yet many do not know where to look, how to start, or what information they can trust. Spitball 2.0 will present an added bene t to users in the form of a seamless experience complete with an internal wallet to manage SBL tokens, as well as a consortium sidechain network dedicated to onboarding new-to-crypto students.

Students can start using Spitball 2.0’s promotional (awarded) tokens to learn about cryptocurrencies and then explore a range of blockchain-based disruptive solutions. We believe that this will be the foundation of lifetime relationships with Spitball 2.0.

Token Roles in the Ecosystem

Spitball 2.0’s eponymous native token, SBL, will enable usage of all platform functions as well as active participation in the Student Economy. Students will have the ability to purchase goods/services, utilize premium tools and features, and make payments directly using SBL tokens. Some examples for usage include:
– Payments for platform tutoring services
– Purchase of class notes, course materials, and/or related goods
– Exclusive purchase of speci c answers to questions
– Staking for product/service promotion, dispute mediation, and forum answer validation

Spitball 2.0 is further developing plans to broaden the functionalities of SBL tokens to include usage for sports event ticketing, event management and entry fee payment, payment of dormitory and sub- leasing costs, and odd job payments among participants.