BOOSTO is an influencer driven decentralized App Store. BOOSTO ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 03/03/19 – 04/03/19

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web site BOOSTO
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About BOOSTO ICO (token sale)

BOOSTO is a merging of two revolutionary movements: influencer marketing and decentralized applications. BOOSTO offers a protocol that provides tools and libraries for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps), as well as assistance in reaching millions and millions of end users. These dApps will then be distributed through an ever-increasing pool of 350,000 social media influencers to their 2 billion (and growing) global fans and followers. The entire dApp ecosystem allows developers and companies to easily build dApps that directly interact with individual influencers, influencer networks, social media platforms, and brands with consumers, services, companies and much more.

BOOSTO’s platform aims to return power and freedom to influencers and developers through unleashing the full potential of influencer-led communities. This will be executed by using blockchain as a foundation of trust and Tokens as incentives to build various interactive decentralized applications. The developers then tap into the influencer network and collaborate,providing more interactive functionality with audiences and sponsors.

The BOOSTO Token is the main currency that will be used as a means of exchange, used on BOOSTO’s platform, which is built on top of the influencer infrastructure.

The Problem

Problem for creators.

Content marketing and influencer marketing, driven by ads, is a broken model – these modalities reflect wrong incentives and poor economics, all of which have previously driven influencers to serve their content for big name advertisers.

Many startups, and even blockchain projects, have set out to disrupt the old model by providing alternative revenue avenues for influencers. While evaluating the current market, BOOSTO realized that most companies are working to solve their existing influencer problems, but required more reliable tools and resources.

It’s also clear that while some influencers have a large amount of followers, most do not have the technical capabilities to develop applications which enhance interactions and relationships with their fans. Through an open ecosystem, and by adding developers to the mix, even the least tech-savvy social stars can develop smart contracts, integrate and improve both data and payment on the blockchain with existing social network data, and be even more empowered to create positive change.

Problem for developers

On the other side of this ecosystem, there are more than five million apps in centralized app stores like iOS store and Google Play. Developers, especially indies, have to extend huge amounts of money and effort to get their apps discovered by their target demographic. In addition, they have to contribute 30- 50% of their revenue to those centralized monopolies. It’s a game that very few developers can actually win.

Problems with building dApps

Nowadays, most blockchain users are using it and other decentralized technologies merely as a digital currency, but the potential of these technologies is much greater. A wide range of other options could also run as decentralized applications,providing a high level of security and privacy for their users.

Our solutions

The Project Company partners with Boostinsider, Inc. (“Boostinsider”), which is a San Francisco based company, focusing on B2B solutions with a team of developers who are passionate about creating tools to enable customizable DApps to take innovation to the next level. We understand that by adopting blockchain technology, we can create even better transparency for data and payment.

By incorporating tokenization mechanics to decentralized network, we can remove rent-seeking intermediaries and provide direct incentivization to ecosystem players, especially independent developers and early adopters.
The BOOSTO Platform will provide a high level framework for dApp developers and also connect them to users utilizing already proven influencer marketing solutions.

Influencer Trading Platform & KOLO tokens

While the current product focus is to built up the dApps store, when BOOSTO matures, future developments such as a BOOSTO Influencer Trading Platform (ITP) could be developed where individual influencer Tokens are inter traded.