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Next generation crypto payment and loyalty solution for retail merchants harnessing blockchain technology. Bizkey ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 10/10/18 – 17/10/18

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About Bizkey ICO (token sale)

Rebuild an ecosystem of decentralised retailing using blockchain.

To create a cryptocurrency merchant payment portal, enabling merchants and consumers to share the value of transaction data, and constantly explore and promote the application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the real economy.

To accomplish the mission of Bizkey, transaction data is placed on chain through a smart blockchain POS machine, and in exchange for these data merchants and customers would receive certain BZKY incentives. At the same time, intelligent blockchain POS devices create a cryptocurrency payment function for brick-and-mortar merchants, creating an offline cryptocurrency payment portal.

Bizkey ICO

Four components of Bizkey

Intelligent blockchain POS terminal devices for merchants

Consumer blockchain Dapp Wallet

Bizkey API
An interface for third parties to allocate major network database and all terminals to correspond.

Bizkey network
The Bizkey Time Token blockchain riding on top of the BUMO public blockchain technology (planned)

At the present, most smart POS machines have their own application markets. For the convenience of merchants, smart POS machines provide a number of easy-to-use Apps. Utilising this feature, Bizkey is able to be implanted into most POS machines, becoming the intelligent blockchain based Biz-POS.

Biz-Pos supports payment with both regular fiat money and cryptocurrencies. When payment is completed, the transaction will be recorded on the major network of Bizkey and corresponding incentives will be made according to smart contract.