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Ended ICO : 15/08/18 – 01/10/18

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web site Tron Gold
web site Tron Gold
web site Tron Gold
web site Tron Gold
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About Tron Gold ICO (token sale)

Tron Gold will support custom smart contracts written in languages such as Java. These smart contracts will therefore allow for programs to be hosted on the Ethereum network which will benefit from being decentralized, lightweight, fast, and highly scalable. Tron Gold will differ from main net Tron by sharding all application data across the Ethereum network, a much more robust system than a standalone blockchain.

Tron Gold takes server management of sophisticated social applications out of centralized data centers to the edges of the Internet where our devices live. It makes self-scaling infrastructure a reality through peer-to-peer architecture, which automatically performs load-balancing and load-sharing across thousands or even millions of peers.

Tron Gold enables clients to turn a consumer-grade mini-computer into a source of revenue, where they get paid for server management distributed applications. clients choosewhat apps to serve, and set their own server management prices and priorities.

Tron Gold is where the crowd becomes the cloud.

Distributed Apps

Some of the most popular apps to day are made in a way that already needs Tron Gold . Using Tron Gold would mean that Wikipedia wouldn’t have to keep doing fundraising, or social apps like Twitter wouldn’t have to struggle for a revenue model while pushing advertising to fund massive infrastructure. Imagine if the more popular an app became, the more server management power it received from new users installing the app and sharing the load.

What if developers could build distributed applications in familiar languages like JavaScript? What if they could use Rapid Application Development tools to orient themselves to the process, with ready tools for testing apps for scalability and vulnerabilities? These are some of the ways we’re making the road to a distributed internet easy, while incentivizing thousands of clients to support the process.


clients are paid in TronGold’s crypto-credits,called TronGold, which are efficiently designed to transact a high volume of micro-transactions. The value of server management credits stays stabilized because they’re backed by a valuable modern asset: computing power. As more clients come online and share computing power, the network becomes more valuable, giving the credits more purchasing power in relation to the service they are designed to support.

Tron Gold tokens (TRXG) functions by enabling the long-proven standardized practice of double -entry accounting with layers of cryptographic assurance on top of it. Both parties in a transaction sign the transaction to each other’s account chains, and these transactions are validated by peers on a shared DHT(distributed hash table).

Tron Gold provides a crypto-accounting infrastructure audited and notarized by the network.