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Let’s end document fraud with blockchain powered validation. V-ID ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 15/09/18 – 14/10/18
Ended ICO : 15/10/18 – 23/12/18

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web site V-ID
web site V-ID
web site V-ID
web site V-ID
web site V-ID
web site V-ID
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Rank in TR – 162927, Rank in RU – 744922

About V-ID ICO (token sale)

V-ID is the best candidate to become the de-facto standard solution for document fraud.

The service utilizes generic and trusted principles to enable validation and verification for any digital file, of any publisher. This is possible thanks to the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain.

Among the first clients who currently use V-ID are Airbus Defense & Space, the European research institute ESHRE and optical fibre supplier Vitrumnet.

The use cases we are discovering at the moment involve the following file types:
– Diplomas and certificates Reports
– Inspection certificates Due diligence trails Legal documents
– Audit trails
– Tracking data
– Goods documentation Logistic Documents Video footage
– Photo material

The video below explains the basics of how V-ID works in 90 seconds.

The issuing organization can register any file through the validation process of the V-ID platform, allowing each recipient to verify its authenticity within a matter of seconds and for free.
V-ID does not save a copy of a validated file and therefore easily complies with the GDPR guidelines.
V-ID is being developed by WIDIDI. Since 2008, WIDIDI employs its continually developed M16 Platforms to execute software projects for their client-base. WIDIDI is specialized in secured environments, connections and communication.

V-ID Token

Blockchain – Ethereum (ERC20)
Proof Type – Not mineable

Technical = Non-native Protocol Token

The V-ID utility token is an ERC20 token that is used to identify wallet addresses (for issuers / validating parties) and is used as payment per validation.

Purpose / underlying value = Network Token / Network Value Token
The platform can be used online (human interface) and will be expanded with a number of apps, white label widgets and SOAP and REST APIs, to form the ultimate safe bridge for validating and verifying with most common modern software (using web services and system interfaces).

Utility / Legal status = Usage Token / Utility Token
The V-ID blockchain is anchored in both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. A third blockchain is expected but is not yet scheduled.
The token price must be high enough to cover the operational costs of V-ID, including Ethereum and Bitcoin transaction fees.