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The Power creates the best blockchain network – top speed hybrid and scalable blockchain all in one. The Power ICO rating – not rated.

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web site The Power
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About The Power ICO (token sale)

Hybrid three-dimensional scalable blockchain with 100k+ on-chain instant transactions and real-time auto sharding. Thanks to multi-layer architecture The Power platform unites public and private shards (mini blockchains) in a single address space. Synchronous protocol Resonance provides real-time peer-to-peer interactions enabling to provide best UX for customers.

  • New protocol Resonance
  • Completely new code
  • Testnet with smart contracts is ready

The Smart Blockchain Environment is being implemented as Decentralized Technology-as-a-Service (dTaaS).

Decentralized solutions provided by The Smart Blockchain Environment include:
● The implementation of blockchain technology for organizations and professional users;
● Infrastructure for user interactions;
● Product and service solutions created with the end user in mind;
● The integration of modules and services with 3rd party apps;
● Decentralized applications (DApps);
● A platform and services for crowdcoding.

The Power Strategy – To develop a unified environment of trust providing transparency for business, society, and government.

The unified environment of trust will be formed on account of:
● All actions and transactions being recorded in the blockchain. These actions and transactions cannot be changed or counterfeited;
● All users being authorized and having undergone the KYC (Know Your Customer) process;
● The platform scoring users and consequently assigning them ratings, which motivates them to act responsibly;
● The smart-contracts and decentralized applications on the platform having been verified after undergoing a technical audit.

At it’s core, the speed and scalability of The Power Blockchain allow it to process more than 100,000 transactions per second. The Resonance Algorithm and subchain model, developed by the project team, make this possible.

The project is based on adaptive subchains with territorial and virtual configurations. In an economy which is customizable to the needs of individual organizations, the arbitrary combination of public and private subchains is possible. Private subchains guarantee the safety of trade secrets, yet can grant managerial access to certain information based on the roles of users and the permission granted to them.

The Power Blockchain sets the conditions and a technological groundwork for society to reach a new level of progress. The Power Smart Environment eases the adaptation to the new world of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, smart automated systems, and autonomous manufacturing processes working without human input. The Power Smart Environment provides the world with the necessary tools for it to smoothly overcome the digital revolution.

Power is developing a unified, safe and secure environment of information. In this environment, every business may utilize fast and inexpensive payment services, low-cost withdrawals, and the ability to store data in large quantities. The cost of each transaction is set by each individual user.

Token “Smart Key”

Smart Key token – the core native token within Power_blockchain. The token is written in blockchain as SK. Smart Key token is divisible.
● Token: Smart Key
● The acronym: SK
● Type of token: utility
● Emission: limited
● Divisible token: SK = 1,000

Token key features
● The key value of SK – it’s is a “fuel” for all network interactions.
● The limited and gradual emission of SK tokens resists potential inflationary pressure.
● SK gives an access to the network. The token is not commutable, no other tokens can replace it.
● SK is a base token which id needed for closed-loop circular tokenomics
● A native token is needed for instant transaction. The usage and circulation of tokens is self-supported.