Platio ICO (PGAS token) review and rating


All-in-one secure banking for crypto and fiat, and brokerage for stocks. Platio ICO rating – 85

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PRE ICO Dates : 20/08/18 – 28/02/19
Ended ICO : 01/03/19 – 31/03/19

ICO rating
Business: 18/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 10/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 3/5 ICO terms: 5/5 
Team: 19/20 Token applying: 5/5 Promotion: 17/20 
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web site Platio
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 1 749 748

About Platio ICO (token sale)

Platio ICO is the banking solution for businesses that need to seamlessly and securely manage both crypto and traditional currencies. Powered by EOS blockchain technology, Platio enables users to pay salaries and suppliers with whichever asset they choose, by card or instant transfer.

Platio will meet the banking needs of the new crypto-fiat economy, empowering our users to take advantage of the best of both crypto and mainstream finance. Platio ICO will also offer Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, innovative built-in safeguards for crypto assets and transactions. These are set to increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption.

Platio ICO is an international fintech company licensed by the FCA and headquartered in London. The company holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.

Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is set to make crypto a trusted, widespread means of payment. Our technology will allow users to seamlessly and intuitively switch between crypto and fiat financial systems. Platio’s built-in safeguards, like Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, will increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption.

Platio ICO holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.

Products & Features

Platio’s App will be available on iOS and Android, as well as a web-based application. Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem will include various products and features that work together to provide users with a seamless transaction process. Platio will tailor its products to the needs of both individuals and businesses, ensuring that both enjoy improved accessibility to transacting in cryptocurrencies.

With that in mind, Platio ICO intends to create the following products with unique features for both individuals and businesses.

Exchange & Brokerage

Exchange & Brokerage will be an essential part of the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem. For Platio ICO this product will not only be the instrument for users to exchange and trade fiat, crypto and stocks, but also the underlying technology enabling Platio’s other products, such as Platio payment cards, the Merchant processing API, Payments (SWIFT/SEPA/Ripple/OCT) and Asset guard.

Asset Guard

Platio Asset Guard is a smart-contract based product for the protection of all types of users’ assets stored in the Platio ICO Ecosystem against losses caused by the high market volatility or access loss to the account.
Asset Guard will support two types of smart contracts: Auto Exchange and Standby Transfer.
As the terms of the Asset Guard service are set in the interface, an appropriate smart contract is formed by the Platio App and synced with the Platio Blockchain. If certain pre-set conditions are met, the process launches immediately. Using Asset Guard alleviates the need to constantly monitor the market or store your backup phrase so that authorized persons could gain access to your assets in case of an emergency.

Platio ICO Payment Cards

Platio ICO will provide users with plastic and virtual payment cards issued by partnered international payment companies. It is inconvenient to keep a specific card for Bitcoin and another for Ethereum or for every other cryptocurrency asset. Platio ICO intends to develop the Platio ICO Ecosystem to allow all crypto assets held on the Platio ICO Ecosystem to be easily converted into fiat currencies for transaction settlement using an integrated exchange. Users will only need to select the necessary asset and push the top-up button. Platio payment cards will support top-up both in cryptocurrency and fiat.

PGAS Token Economy

PLATIO’s ICO token PGAS (“PGAS” or “the Token”), will be the central element of the Platio ICO Ecosystem, powering all of its features.
PGAS is an ERC-20 utility token and will be used for transactions within the platform, for instance the payment of commissions, fees and subscriptions. Transactions using PGAS will be discounted, with the discount dependent on the user’s token usage and subscription level. PGAS will generate revenue for Platio as every transaction executed will create either transaction revenue or subscription revenue.

It is expected that the PGAS value growth may happen due to two main reasons:
⎯ Increased demand for the Token as the number of users of the Platio Ecosystem grows, more subscriptions are purchased, and more transactions are executed.
⎯ The burning of 50% of Platio internal commissions until approximately 10% of PGAS tokens are left in circulation within the Platio Ecosystem.

Increasing demand for PGAS, combined with a reduction in supply, may lead to an increased value of tokens left in circulation.