INFLEUM ICO (IFUM token) review and rating


Open source brand publishing and marketing agent platform based on blockchains that provides 8 DAPP services by ELSOL COMPANY. INFLEUM ICO rating – 74


PRE ICO Dates : 01/10/18 – 31/10/18
Ended ICO : 16/03/19 – 30/03/19

ICO rating
Business: 17/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 16/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 16/20 
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About INFLEUM ICO (token sale)

INFLEUM ICO is a blockchain platform created by ELSOLCOMPANY that aims to create a transparent trading structure in which an individual’s small ideas or actions may translate into profit.

ELSOLCOM is a brand publishing company and has the experience and collected intelligence needed to provide solutions to various problems that small ideas encounter to become active businesses. In the past, initial capital was hard to earn without asking acquaintances or by selling prototypes even with an attractive business idea or item. However, it is now possible to introduce ideas online and get investors from multiple third parties through formats like crowdfunding.

Yet even after the initial funding, reaching the breakeven point (BEP) in Korea takes an average of two years for an independent company (not connected to corporations). In order to operate a brand, many processes such as planning, design, production, distribution and marketing require resources, therefore to earn more than the expenses, brands need to endure at least two years.
This is the reason why ELSOLCOM created an in-house brand publishing platform to help small brands realize their potential. The platform minimizes the material and opportunity cost for the aforementioned, long growth period, shortens series of processes to three months, and helps individuals, start-up’s and SMEs grow smoothly and flexibly.

The platform combines the planning, design, distribution, and marketing into a single process to generate almost immediate profit. And thus, by using the platform, brands earn extra time and resources to focus entirely on their business development, ultimately reaching an efficiency rate where a new brand can be launched as a business within 100 days. INFLEUM ICO is based on ELSOL’s in-house platform. It will provide the solutions and infrastructure that help the growth of independent brands as DAPPs, and also feature new functions for connecting and rewarding users. INFLEUM ICO Platform will be a total brand publishing platform based on the blockchain technology.

So what is the value an individual gains through INFLEUM ICO and its relationship to brand publishing? Most platforms serve to connect people, people to businesses, and businesses to businesses. Roles are distinguished according to their commercial interests:

  • Consumer: user, buyer, marketer, etc.
  • Supplier: producer, operator, advertiser, etc.

However, INFLEUM ICO Platform is free of restricting one user to one role. It allows individuals to participate in any role without restrictions. For example, an individual may be a user who consumes content, but may also be an advertiser who requests services. One can profit on INFLEUM Platform by being a producer of a product as well as a content marketer on social channels.

INFLEUM breaks down the boundaries between industries and distinguished roles, and makes possible the impossible task of free participation and fair rewards through the blockchain. INFLEUM’s structure creates a transparent trading platform ready to benefit all users.

INFLEUM Token Utility

INFLEUM is a utility token that serves different purposes within the ideal reward system of INFLEUM Platform. The token is used within the platform for investments and donations, smart contract creation, distribution for advertisement and marketing participation, expert network service operations, and diverse combination of commerce (payment, transactions and exchange in services).

The increased use of INFLEUM utility token entails a gradual expansion of the INFLEUM ecosystem, and ultimately, INFLEUM will evolve into a platform where the world’s influencers, SMEs, and start- up’s join to hyper-connect and coexist.

Token Name -INFLEUM
Ticker – IFUM
Total Sales Volume Up to 900,000,000
Token Issue Volume Up to 3,000,000,000