Lionstarter ICO (LST token)


Your life is a goody as we revolutionize the future of retail and advertising markets. Lionstarter ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/09/18 – 01/11/18
Ended ICO : 01/11/18 – 02/11/18

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About Lionstarter ICO (token sale)

We at Lionstarter are convinced that the freedom and incredible potential of blockchain based applications will create new opportunities that the world has never seen before.

For Users

The User get all services like the Bodyscan with 250 parameters for free. The user will have the right to purchase discounted products from the shop partner and gets special goodies. The User will also get payed from Lionstarter for scanning and purchasing products with the LST Token.

For Shop Partners

he Shop Partners buys and integrates the Goodyscan system into their shops. Lionstarter will send new customers into the partner shops trough the Goodyscan online portal. The partners pays Lionstarter for every conveyed customer and purchase a commission payable with the LST Token

For Advertisers

Advertisers buys ads in form of video spots and banners to advertise on the Goodyscan system integrated in our shop partner locations. Advertisers will have the opportunity to launch campaigns from one to hundred of installed Goodyscan Systems paying the ads with the LST Token.


Lionstarters latest development is Goodyscan a blockchain based ecosystem designed to revolutionize the future of retail and advertising markets. Goodyscan connects the real and the digital world in one platform allowing users, retailers & advertisers to carry out all operations by using the Lionstarter LST Token.

With our focus on the retail and advertising markets we have discovered that disruption of traditional business models has given way to unprecedented and transformative change—change required online and offline to better serve more demanding shoppers and redefining customer experience.

Innovations and transformations are happening faster and at a greater magnitude than ever, presenting challenges for retailers accustomed to balancing conventional performance metrics like growth, profitability, and space productivity.

This means retailers must adequately and holistically plan, strategize, and execute across all channels, regardless of whether the ultimate sale happens in-store or online. A seamless shopping experience is no longer a nice to have, but an imperative. And it is a key reason why retailers worldwide are heavily investing in online and digital.

Lionstarter Goodyscan delivers the perfect solution for this markets by helping to digitalize the traditional retail industry by offering its users a unique customer experience.
Lionstarter aims to become the world`s largest retail advertising platform by delivering safe and trustful solutions to help the 4.3 trillion $ retail industry during the ongoing digital transformation.

LST token

LIONSTARTER will generate an ERC-20 standard Lionstarter TOKEN (LST) via an Ethereum Smart Contract. All wallets supporting Ether, including MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Parity, Mist, imToken and the Ethereum Wallet support ERC-20 compliant tokens. Smart contracts for all token sales will undergo independent third party audits from credible companies before launch to ensure the security and integrity of the code.

The Lionstarter Token is a utility token. Based on the conclusion of our legal partners, Lionstarter Tokens are determined to be payment (utility-tokens) currently used in the Goodyscan Ecosystem as a unit of calculation between users, shop partners and advertisers. Full compliance with SEC is observed.