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The first token that connects content creators with their audience. Woonkly ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/09/18 – 31/12/18

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About Woonkly ICO (token sale)

The Woonk “WNK” is a Token ERC20 of direct connection between brands, content creators, advertisers and their audience at an international level. Without intermediaries.
It was born from the idea of eliminating intermediaries in the traditional chain of public communication between advertisers and their audience. In this way advertisers reduce their advertising costs drastically and people receive credits as a change in the content of the advertisers, thus generating positive reinforcements in the companies. Advertisers connect directly with their audience using blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to directly distribute their advertising budget among people who will see or interact with their content.

The smart contract takes care of everything. It receives the capital (in woonks) and is in charge of distributing with the audience the rules that the advertiser has described in his campaign. No commissions by any intermediary. Woonkly is responsible for creating open source tools to use the woonk. A % of all the proceeds in woonkly is shared with the international developer community as it creates new open source tools.

Instant benefits of Woonkly in comparison with other websites

As a user

The mission of woonkly is that international advertisers pay you cryptocoins to see, share and interact with online digital content uploaded to almost any social platform, without economic, political, ideological, sexual or social censorship of any kind within the limits of legality and morality (created and managed by the users themselves).

As a creator of content

The mission of Woonkly is to viralize your digital (audio-visual) content in the fastest and most profitable way possible at an international level.

As an advertiser

Woonkly’s mission is to expose your content to the largest possible number of people in your target audience in the fastest way that exists so far. Being able to achieve thousands and even millions of visits and conversions to your product or service in a very short time. I reduce your advertising costs by more than 50% compared to any other method existing in the market, also creating subconscious positive reinforcements on your brand in your target audience, since they will earn cryptocurrencies while they watch your content.

As woonkly

Our mission is to directly connect brands, content creators and adverti- sers internationally with your audien- ce, in the best possible way. Without intermediaries or commissions. Using Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

WNK (Woonks token)

Technology: ERC20 (Ethereum) See Smart contract
SALE IN PRE-ICO AND ICO: 30% (3,000,000,000 WNK)
FOUNDERS, TEAM AND ADVISORS: 25% (2,500,000,000 WNK)