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Ended ICO : 24/09/18 – 01/10/18

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web site qiibee
web site qiibee
web site qiibee
web site qiibee
web site qiibee
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About qiibee ICO (token sale)

At qiibee, our mission is to establish a loyalty ecosystem for hundreds of brands that service thousands of customers.

We help brands run their loyalty programs on the blockchain and aim to become an efficient protocol that enables brands to operate their own loyalty programs, where they maintain full control. Apart from providing a robust blockchain-agnostic protocol, qiibee streamlines the integration experience for brands by offering a software development kit, which has a direct impact on brands’ time and resources. In this sense, consolidating the loyalty market means creating a loyalty ecosystem that is based on the same foundation and enabling different loyalty program owners to either move their existing loyalty programs from off- to on-chain or create their own loyalty tokens and reward their loyal customers. qiibee will also support brands with the help of marketing agencies and the qiibee software developer kit.

We give loyal customers the freedom they deserve.
Within the qiibee ecosystem, customers will always have full control of and transparency about their loyalty programs and tokens. What is more, they have a larger set of options to choose from and a more convenient way of managing their loyalty programs. Also, they are free to exit the ecosystem anytime and can participate in the crypto market without buying crypto with their own FIAT money.

In sum, we want to offer brands and customers the possibility to easily engage with blockchain technology, directly and indirectly, without the need for cost intensive integration for brands or an upfront investment for customers.

By making the loyalty landscape more efficient and user-friendly, we aim to make it a better experience for both brands and the customers.

QBX Token Economics

We believe it is extremely important to give participants of our Token Sale a deep understanding of the economics of the qiibee token, QBX.

By structuring the use cases and lifecycle of QBX, demand from agencies, loyalty system providers, brands, merchants and loyal customers to use loyalty tokens is directly translated into demand for QBX on public exchanges.

Annual budgets from the loyalty industry build a natural and fundamental driver of the QBX business model. For example, will marketing agencies partnering with qiibee make the loyalty programs part of their own portfolio, provide them with their marketing expertise and offer them to their existing brand clients. This approach has three main advantages: It allows for strong partnerships with interests that are aligned between the parties involved, fast scaling of sales pipeline via multiplicators and improving of the product offering based on bundled sales feedback from agencies.