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Ended ICO : 03/03/19 – 04/03/19

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About Veridium ICO (token sale)

Veridium, a collaborative initiative by industry leaders including IBM and Stellar, is creating tokenized trading markets for carbon credits and other natural capital assets. By tokenizing carbon credits into fungible assets that have liquidity on an enterprise grade crypto-asset exchange, Veridium is creating a seamless way to account for environmental liabilities and acquire and trade environmental offsets. Our open market solution provides the tools to help transition away from an extractive economic model and begin building a regenerative economic model.

Veridium has created two tokens: CARBON and VERDE.

The CARBON token is an asset-backed stable token with underlying assets that have low price volatility, can be independently verified on international registries and yield social and environmental dividends. One CARBON token represents one carbon/conservation credit from a diversified basket of internationally verified carbon/conservation credits. These environmental assets, which represent air, water and forest conservation, have a finite supply and are one of the few assets with existential value, thereby giving the CARBON token indelible value. The carbon/conservation credit assets behind the CARBON token are held in trust by the Canadian non-profit Veridium Foundation and can be independently verified by anyone in real-time on internationally recognized registries such as the IHS Markit Registry and the APX Registry.
These unique attributes make CARBON the best safe harbor for crypto investors wishing to park funds and also the most versatile tool available to corporations wishing to hedge their future carbon liabilities.

Through the use of CARBON as a stable token and as a corporate hedge, the Veridium community has the power to be the most effective force in the battle to mitigate climate change, fund forest & biodiversity conservation and create positive social impact through its CARBON holdings. Simply by holding CARBON, the token is generating positive social & environmental impact dividends for the planet.

The VERDE is a carbon-negative token that provides access to the Veridium Exchange and functions as a reserve currency for all environmental assets traded on the Exchange, and therefore the base currency for all trading pairs. VERDE may also be used for EcoSmart-TransactionsTM on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric enterprise platforms where large corporations may automate their corporate carbon accounting and offsetting process across their global supply chains.

Small to medium size enterprises may also conduct EcoSmart-TransactionsTM through a portal on the Veridium Exchange.

As the base currency for Veridium’s natural capital asset tokens, VERDE also ensures that all transactions of Veridium’s natural capital asset backed tokens are carbon-negative, which means that transacting in any Veridium token produces a net reduction in carbon emissions. Embedded within the smart contract and transaction fees of VERDE is a carbon offset exceeding 100% of the emissions footprint of the transaction. This is possible due to the exceptional efficiency of the Stellar blockchain.

Both tokens are being built on the Stellar Blockchain for consumer applications and integrated with IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric for enterprise level consumption.


Veridium’s tokenomics model offers a straightforward solution to build liquidity in carbon credit markets by creating an asset backed stable token (CARBON) that can be independently audited through internationally recognized 3rd party Registries and a utility token (VERDE) that accesses Veridium’s platform for fully automating and integrating carbon accounting and offsetting into corporate global supply chains. This section discusses how blockchain and tokenization will benefit the natural capital asset market, as well as the distinct roles each token plays in Veridium’s ecosystem.

Veridium Tokens

Veridium’s economic model is enabled by tokens. Two major challenges commonly cited by offset purchasers are the asset class’ non-fungibility and difficulty of use. We believe Veridium’s two token model addresses these challenges.

Veridium will launch with two tokens: CARBON and VERDE.