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A.I. and Robots trade better than humans. Weve put it in an app. RevenYOU ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 08/08/18 – 08/09/18
Ended ICO : 08/09/18 – 30/11/18

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web site RevenYOU
web site RevenYOU
web site RevenYOU
web site RevenYOU
web site RevenYOU
web site RevenYOU
web site RevenYOU
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 2 000 206

About RevenYOU ICO (token sale)

“A.I. and Robots trade better than Humans. We’ve put it in an app.”

The secret of the RevenYOU ICO is a brilliantly simple two-step formula:

Step one: We possess the system that JP Morgan can only dream of. We call it PORTAL: the open-to-all financial algorithm and A.I. development program. A space where thousands of developers can build, share and prosper.

Step two: We include the world. Making winning algorithms accessible to billions thanks to the RevenYOU app. An app that transforms complex investing into simple nger-tip trading.

Elevator pitch complete: RevenYOU is designed to make all prosper – and we mean, really prosper!

So back to Michiel – he just compared RevenYOU ICO to giants Youtube and Spotify – because that’s what we’re busy with here. RevenYOU possesses this potential. An enormous creative crowd igniting true innovation, coupled with easy access features allowing everybody to get in on the game.


Behind-the-RevenYOU app
Behind our app you’ll nd an open source, decentralized heaven for all develop- ers that create trading bots. A bot can be simple and effective, or complex and brilliant. Developers can optimize algorithms created by other developers to an even higher ROI by enriching them with artificial intelligence or machine learning extensions. Feeling the algorithm now? We thought so.

The beat just goes on!
Because RevenYOU ICO binds with all available trading instruments, such as Crypto, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Shares, Options and ETFs, it means we’re not talking merely billions, but about trillions of trade volume each month. And, again, minus that mountainous commission. On average, we only take 0,001%.

Our dream is to have 1 billion users by 2027.
Each feeling the rush an average of 15% ROI.

RevenYOU ICO is ready to y. And, we never stop developing – our platform is a constant hub to innovation – which is quite something, considering we’re already fully working and 176% faster than any competitors.

YOUtokens – The fastest way to the dancefloor

So what are these tokens we hear you think? Tokens are the next-gen way of creating capital for a hot idea, and the way many a start-up is funded nowadays. Funders smelling success know that investing in tokens in the early days will make them very happy (not-so-very -long) later.
The YOUtoken not only funds but functions as well – YOUtokens are integral to running the RevenYOU app. Every day, millions are needed to run the in-app al- gorithms meaning there is always demand; which in turn means YOUtokens ICO will increase in value. What’s more, exchanges will love RevenYOU because the app generates millions of transactions and huge transaction volumes which is exactly what exchanges live off.

Our YOUtoken treasury offers full compliance and complete transparency. We also conform to the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) code of conduct, so no quantitative easing of YOUtokens. When tokens are used as utility tokens for RevenYOU we offer incentive pay outs related to the transaction volume of the YOUtokens.

Our ITO roadmap

Genesis block: in the genesis block is already deter- mined the total supply of YOUtokens. The hard cap is set to 6,425 billion YOUtokens. The YOUtokens are pre-mined.

Softcap to give RevenYOU life 1.000.000 tokens
Hardcap of the tokensale €35.000.000
Hardcap of the YOUtoken Supply: 6.425.000.000 YOUtokens
What is the token structure? ERC223
What is the standard price for 1 YOUtoken 1 YOUtoken = €0,01