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AXEL is a distributed network that is providing users a powerful platform to exchange digital assets. AXEL ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 03/03/19 – 04/03/19

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About AXEL ICO (token sale)

Our company (AXEL ICO), our software, and our vision have always been focused on providing users the highest degree of control over their digital identities and assets.

We have had tremendous success in forecasting and understanding the genuine need for people to have control over their own digital files and communications.

Over the past five years, our veteran 100+ member team (including more than 80 technical experts) built a suite of software products enjoyed by millions of users. Unique patented technology2 and a user-friendly AXEL App have helped us achieve substantial market penetration and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play.

We are proud of, and emboldened by, the success our software has already achieved – all while being 100% self-funded. As we embark on the next critical iteration of our software (“AXEL Pay”), we seek nothing less than to completely remove the barriers to direct peer-to-peer monetization, transfer, and enjoyment of files and data.

With our years of experience, we recognize there is a critical void in the file sharing space – privacy – that can only be addressed through blockchain technologies.

We believe control without privacy does not provide people the means to truly enjoy the ultimate value of the Internet.

Our Solution: We intend to leverage and evolve our current suite of patented private file sharing and streaming technologies to create a new application, dubbed AXEL Pay.
AXEL Pay will build upon the feature-rich and eld-tested foundation provided by the AXEL App, but with a new range of powerful peer-to-peer file sharing, transfer, and monetization capabilities.

AXEL Pay will pave the way for users to sell, buy, or trade their digital assets one-on-one, with no external interference. It will allow them to instantly deploy a personal, fully customizable, peer-to-peer storefront without the usual third-party middlemen and their exorbitant fees.

Our patented technology will allow anyone to create an AXEL Pay link for any file with a few clicks.

Not only will AXEL Pay permit users to engage in seamless user-to-user commercial transactions but, combined with our own AXEL Token, it will give them a means to do so “invisibly.” We expect the AXEL Token and AXEL Pay to provide users the privacy and control necessary to sell their digital assets with full confidence, a feature sorely missing in the current landscape.

We anticipate the power of this combination will transform the way users collaborate and communicate with one another, spawning new, vibrant communities of sellers, buyers, and creators. Users armed with the knowledge that they can dictate how their data is shared, monetized, and controlled will both expect and demand more.

We plan to build upon that empowered user base by adding additional functionalities to enhance this ecosystem.

One of which will be the AXEL ICO Marketplace, which is intended to be released after AXEL Pay and at approximately the same time as the AXEL Token. The Marketplace will further allow for the dissemination and sale of digital assets. Moreover, we ultimately intend to create our own proprietary AXEL Blockchain that will unlock the complete array of possibilities this ecosystem presents. The creation of this blockchain will allow for a variety of other features that we believe are missing in the marketplace today.

We are con dent that AXEL Pay, the AXEL Token, and the AXEL Marketplace, even without our proposed long-term proprietary blockchain, will radically disrupt the status quo and write the next chapter of digital file sharing.