Every Media Coin ICO (EVE token)


A new media ecological public blockchain for unbundling BAADD media. EVE Media Platform ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 17/09/18 – 16/10/18
ICO Dates is not defined (TBA)

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web site EVE Media Platform
web site EVE Media Platform
web site EVE Media Platform
web site EVE Media Platform
web site EVE Media Platform

About EVE Media Platform ICO (token sale)

The ecosystem of EVE ICO platform is made up of 3 assets such as EVE which is the fundamental coin, ADD which is used for the value exchange of advertisement and data, and EXP which is needed to move the ecosystem smoothly. The three distribution policies that are necessary to operate these assets are as follows.

First, contents are experience goods, so they are used to produce the value of experience goods and all participants receive rewards. The contribution level is calculated quantitatively for a set period (7 days) and is rewarded by relative evaluation. Another method for a content reward is to receive profits earned from an advertisement as the reward. One can receive an advertisement reward additional to content producing reward by measuring the number of impressions in a way that pays advertisement fee per 1,000 impressions (CPM, cost per impression). This is a generally used method for a digital advertisement. The content which able to produce rewards are awarded only once after measuring their contribution level for 7 days, but advertisement rewards can receive continuous rewards based on the number of views.

Second, the assets that maintain the platform ecosystem are categorized into assets that have primary functions such as a measure of value, exchange means, and reward and assets that have status, access, and power. The first assets are EVE coins, which are the basic trade means from main blockchain and rewards for the contents, and AD & DATA (hereafter called ADD) coins, which are advertisement rewards. These can be traded at outside cryptocurrency exchange market and are liquid assets. The latter assets are EXP which are kept for a long time. Third, the value of assets which is needed in order to maintain the ecosystem, lie between the link and network of platform participants. Thus, all assets circulate based on interests and needs shared between participants, and if a participant group is added, the function can be added onto continuously.

Actualized mechanism gives each participant a value such those detailed as below.

Content Creator (Reporter, power blogger, influencer, general content producer)
Reward for producing content actualizes higher profits, motivates people to produce better content, and maintains the community more firmly by making the people think of fame and influence important. Also, it allows people to focus on producing high quality content through additional support etc.

Users influence on content creators and receives reward by showing their opinions. Also, they receive additional reward through the distribution of content. Through this, users promote the distribution of good quality content within the community and obtain an opportunity for consuming content with better quality.

Advertisers can expose the advertisement, which is above board and has a low fee, to the right target directly without the intervention of 3rd party.

EVE(Every Media Coin)

EVE ICO coin (hereafter called EVE) is a basic coin that is traded within the platform and is a liquid asset that can be bought or sold at a cryptocurrency exchange market. It is free to send EVE to others through the wallet’s address which is provided by the platform.
EVE can be combined with AD & DATA (hereafter referred to as ADD) coins by a fixed ratio (1:1) and can be changed into EXP.

EVE ICO Coin Distribution

– Wallet: Can give to others by P2P method
– Other cryptocurrency exchange market: Can trade at other cryptocurrency exchange market (After being listed on the cryptocurrency exchange market)
– Having DApp developer: Needs to have EXP 1 for every 1 user
– EXP Charging: Charges EXP 1 to expand the influence within community (EVE 1 + ADD 1 combined)
– EXP Changing: If you apply for EVE change, EXP 1 is changed to EVE 1 for over 13 weeks in the ratio of 1/13. During the changing period, the interest for EXP is given.