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Multifunctional system, providing an integrated framework for liquidity aggregation. Coinstruction ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/11/18 – 30/10/18
Ended ICO : 30/10/18 – 01/11/18

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172 649
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Rank in US – 18650, Rank in CL – 8037, Rank in AR – 25798, Rank in CO – 21895, Rank in BR – 74037, Rank in PA – 3144, Rank in MX – 34598, Rank in CU – 3691, Rank in CA – 36560

About Coinstruction ICO (token sale)

CoinStruction ICO creates a secure network of different exchange platforms, trading networks, payment gateways and liquidity providers from all around the world. By aggregating the trade orders on to a single framework, CoinStruction creates a back-end layer of interoperability and standardization for the cryptocurrency B2B service sector.

The framework significantly increases the efficiency, scale, speed and potential of cross-platform trading of various cryptocurrencies, tokens and other crypto assets worldwide.

The key technical and business solutions offered by CoinStruction ICO are:

Access to liquidity for crypto exchanges

Whenever required to handle big cryptocurrency buy or sell orders exchanges can refer to the framework for additional liquidity and trade order depth. This is especially needed when the particular cryptocurrency is seldomly traded or when it’s widely distributed throughout the market.

CoinStruction ICO overcomes this by merging exchange operations from several liquidity providers, therefore reducing service duration, costs and asset price volatility for their clients.

Harmonization of the crypto exchange market

CoinStruction ICO provides a solution in harmonizing the integration standards used by different crypto exchange platforms and trading networks.

CoinStruction ICO will connect to the top global crypto exchanges and provide a uni ed cross-platform exchange protocol for other market participants.

By only connecting to the framework, clients will be able to integrate themselves with a wide and globally distributed network of cryptocurrency liquidity providers and traders.

Enabling innovation growth in global crypto trading

Solutions created by CoinStruction will allow various new services for the cryptocurrency trading market. This ranges from fixed-price OTC trades and automated high-frequency trading up to building third-party applications, analytics systems and consumer-facing services upon the infrastructure of CoinStruction.

With efficiency and global coverage in mind, CoinStruction is aiming to become the main back-end trading facilitator for the cryptocurrency industry.

CoinStruction ICO (CNS token)

ICO information

125 000 000 CNS tokens (50% of the total amount) are to offered to ICO participants and project supporters.

The CoinStruction ICO is the main method of gathering community support, establishing key partnerships, distributing CNS tokens among future clients and raising funds necessary for full development and rapid market deployment of the framework.