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Innovative Yielding Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Cryptofund. One Solution ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 08/11/18 – 28/11/18
Ended ICO : 08/12/18 – 08/02/19

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web site One Solution
web site One Solution
web site One Solution
web site One Solution
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About One Solution ICO (token sale)

The Mission of One Solution ICO is to create a new decentralized solution which allows project coin holders to individually manage the fund and receive profits from secure and highly profitable investments in the best ICO’s.

The Fundamental principles of One Solution are full transparency and risk minimization. In order to achieve these principles, we are developing our internal Blockchain, which will store all data pertaining to the operations of the Fund, as well as a project selection system, which will include a preliminary rating made by highly qualified fund experts and an open voting system for all fund participants.

Throughout the One Solution ICO, investors will be able to acquire tokens which will then be exchanged for a dividend yielding cryptocurrency. 70% of the fund’s profits will be directed towards dividends, the remaining 30% will be redirected towards reinvestment purposes and increasing the funds capital.

A unique feature of One Solution is the release of its own cryptocurrency, Solvo, after the ICO. Tokens purchased by investors will be exchanged for this cryptocurrency at favorable terms. Solvo, due to its unique properties, will provide guaranteed participation in dividend distributions, and will also grant holders the ability to take part in managerial decisions pertaining to the Funds operations.

The emission of Solvo will be organized as follows, all ICO investors will retain their profit share, a new coin will allow expanding on the volume of investment funds in the fund.

All One Solution ICO participants will receive profits regularly, an increase in the fund’s assets on account of reinvestments and the emission of its own cryptocurrency will guarantee an increase of profits on account of expanding the number of projects and volume of investments in them on behalf of the fund.

Quarterly dividend payouts to Solvo token holders will lead to a growth in its volatility, and providing the currency with a diversified portfolio of carefully select- ed assets limits its depreciation, which makes it an attractive financial instrument that allows one to receive profits from market value fluctuations as well as in the form of dividends.

The One Solution Fund offers a new investment fund model. The uniqueness of the proposed model stems from the full transparency behind the Fund as well as all of the processes that occur within the platform. Beginning with our first step, we will strive to create an ecosystem without any analogs and without any uncertain periods or gaps.

The One Solution ICO team carefully studied existing solutions in this sphere. By analyzing the shortcomings of existing funds, as well as the failures of some has allowed us to create a new generation business model. Each One Solution development step is well calculated and balanced by collegial decisions, in which each community member participates.

In addition to this, the creation of our own cryptocurrency, which is an integral part of our ecosystem and carries unique properties will allow for the investment possibilities to be consistently and dynamically increased.

Project description

The One Solution ICO project realizes an innovative ICO investing mechanism. The main elements of the One Solution ecosystem are the fully decentralized Fund, One Solution Fund, which is managed by project participants, as well as its own cryptocurrency, Solvo, thanks to which participants will manage the fund and receive a pro t share.

The emergence of the One Solution Fund will not only provide the possibility of easily and securely investing funds in qualitatively selected ICO projects, but aid in the creation of a close-knit community of investors, that will regularly draw profits thanks to weighted collective decisions.

One Solution ICO is creating its own cryptocurrency, Solvo token, possessing unique proper- ties. This cryptocurrency will allow holders to receive dividends in the form of a pro t share from the fund, as well as take part in managing the fund in a decentralized manner by means of voting. Another advantage of creating a currency is the regular increase in the fund’s own resources due to deductions from mining.

In addition to this, One Solution is solving socially important tasks. The creation of the One Solution academy within the bounds of the project will aid in the development of new beginner talent, as well as the improvement and implementation of their ideas in practice, which will bring even greater profits to the Funds participants in the future.

Project goal

The goal of the One Solution project is to create a decentralized Fund for investing in ICO’s that is managed by the community of participants, as well as the emission of its own cryptocurrency, which is a highly profitable and liquid financial instrument, backed by the Fund’s portfolio.
The emission of Solvo will allow for the implementation of a decentralized management system, dividend payments, and additional capital expansion of the fund on account of mining deductions.

As a result, Solvo cryptocurrency holders will receive a highly liquid financial instrument, and the high volatility (especially during the run-up to dividend payments) will allow for profits to be made on account of exchange trading, and the development of the fund itself, as well as an increase in its volume, will ensure a growing ow of dividends as well as an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency itself.

Aside from this, One Solution will help solve important social issues and aid in the development and quality implementation of innovative solutions of the best young specialists from any part of the world in practice.