CINDX ICO rating

CINDX is a crypto management hub where investors can sync their wallets with professional traders. CINDX ICO rating – 85


Ended ICO : 08/10/18 – 26/12/18

ICO rating
Business: 17/20 Product: 3/5 WP: 10/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 5/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 18/20 Token applying: 5/5 Promotion: 18/20 
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Rank in IN – 227182

About CINDX ICO (token sale)

CINDX ICO provides a platform that allows any investor to choose a manager for his or her portfolio and securely trade cryptocurrencies for a reasonable success fee. Investors can now access a range of verifiable, transparent statistics pertaining to individual Managers in order to choose a suitable trading strategy. These statistics include a Manager’s performance history, investment risk level, type of cryptocurrency traded, among other things. With these statistics in hand, Investors can find the optimal solution for management of their assets.

CINDX ICO shifts the paradigm of the current “manager-investor” relationship towards depersonalized fair-play solutions. While the industry suggests selecting a manager based on the average results of their trading, – CINDX provides full, transparent access to success and failure statistics for all Managers registered on the platform. And because everything is recorded on the CINDX ICO blockchain – there are never any inaccurate values, creative accounting, or imposed accountancy.

Investing in cryptocurrency typically requires interfacing across multiple platforms and services. For example, third-party platforms for analytics and other trading tools – are crucial to those who trade in cryptocurrency. CINDX provides its users with the ability to enter the cryptocurrency market and access a multitude of these services, including crypto asset management and a social network within a single ecosystem.

CINDX’ smart contracts, APIs and blockchain technology ensures that all data is provided to investors in a transparent, immutable and censorship-resistant manner. Transparency is at the center of every process on the CINDX platform.
Every trade executed in the CINDX ICO ecosystem is recorded on the blockchain, allowing CINDX ICO users to easily access verifiable trading success histories. This information feeds a unique ranking system which allows CINDX users to browse through a list of world-class Managers and view their performance history, statistics and other pertinent information.

Investors can in turn use the information on the CINDX platform to select a suitable Manager and to drive their cryptocurrencies. Managers’ accounts will sync to investors accounts through an API. In many ways this is similar to the API feature on some other multi-cryptocurrency trading platforms, but CINDX’s is different.

ICO Token Sale

During the token sale, investors purchase utility tokens – options [CINXO], which give them the right to receive security tokens [CINX] in the future.

Security tokens [CINX] will be issued and distributed following the Prospect of Emission (will be published on the website of FSA of Estonia and after the end of the token sale, but no later than Q1 2019).

The holder of [CINXO] tokens has the right but no obligation to exchange options for security tokens with a ratio of 1:1 after completing the KYC procedure with identification signature, address confirmation and supply of other documents (see the CINDX KYC Scheme).