Optherium ICO (OPEX token)

Optherium ICO

Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure. Optherium ICO rating – 70

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Ended ICO : 03/03/19 – 05/03/19

ICO rating
Business: 17/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 6/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 17/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 14/20 
web site Optherium
web site Optherium
web site Optherium
web site Optherium
web site Optherium
web site Optherium
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa
711 263
Rank by country:
Rank in US – 650933, Rank in RU – 598933, Rank in UA – 241804

About Optherium ICO (token sale)

The Optherium ICO Ecosystem utilizes a proprietary, private, Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchains Network, which is Multisecure technology and supports multiple currencies, using Dynamic BiometricTM verification and instant multi-signature transaction confirmations all on Optherium ICO Ecosystem. This allows users to securely store their digital assets and execute instant currency conversions and confirmations at rates of more than 100,000 transactions per second. The platform is also able to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) and Key Recovery Service (KRS) modules that are stored on the Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchains NetworkTM.

Optherium’s ICO focus will be on financial transactions and the needs of the enterprise finance and e-commerce industries. The Optherium ICO Ecosystem will also support any other value-based transactions that are possible on blockchain. These include those transactions involving digital assets, legal document streams with authentication, real estate transactions, and many more.

Optherium ICO vision

Optherium Labs is a member of the Linux and Hyperledger Foundations and the Crypto Valley Association. The company is building and developing a new standard of private blockchain solutions. By using an Ecosystem with a proprietary Multi- Decentralized Private Blockchains NetworkTM technology and MultisecureTM, Dynamic BiometricsTM- based verifications, the company envisions creating a unique method for instant currency conversions and confirmations, resulting in a user’s ability to
buy, sell, send, or pay instantly using digital assets worldwide. Additionally, the company has created an exceptionally secure environment for storage of highly sensitive information using its proprietary Multi-Decentralised Private Blockchain Network technology. These innovations will bring new blockchain standards to the FinTech industry and the communities of software developers.


Optherium ICO Token Functions in the Ecosystem

1. The purchase of OPEX tokens are required to use the Optherium ICO Ecosystem with reduced transaction fees.
2. The purchase of OPEX tokens will be required for Node Licensure, at specified levels of investment, in order to participate in the 25% dividend distribution program subject to the terms and conditions provided in the Memorandum.
3. Node Holders are restricted from the sale of their tokens for one year after purchase.
4. The OPEX token is used as a facilitator for currency conversions in the ecosystem using the Liquidity Reserve, and on the Optherium ICO Multi-decentralized Digital Currency Exchange.
5. The OPEX token will be used to pay for Optherium Services including the KYC service, the KRS service, and the Digital Data Vault service by any user or client wishing to integrate these services into their own platform. For these services, OPEX tokens will be paid for each request.