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Revolutionizes Online Sharing By Fusing Smart-Contracts Into Regular HTTP Links, Embedded With A Groundbreaking Protocol For Multi-Step Tracking. 2Key Network ICO rating – not rated.

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About 2Key Network ICO (token sale)

We at 2key ICO are on a mission to build the infrastructure, algorithms and product to actually break information ow free. We’re working to create a social economic model for online sharing, and infuse it into HTTP links, so that information ow online can be truly done by the people, for the people, truly yours; When you are the central node in each act of information referral, you regain control – and then each act of sharing online truly becomes an act of caring – for your interests and for the interests of the people you share to. The days of a central robot using each of us as a human relay money machine should soon come to an end. It is a matter of opening our eyes, and deciding to re-invest in our freedom; Our minds and our money are at stake, and we stand to gain our own selves back by taking charge of the information which flows through us online.

Sharing links online to products, services, and content creates economic value. When we share a link online and people follow it, we create gains for the sellers of the products, services, or content related to the link we have distributed. However, in the current marketplace, people who fuel economic growth through online word-of-mouth don’t earn a fair share of the value they generate.

We established 2key ICO to create a reality where internet users are seamlessly rewarded as part of their native online experience. The economic value generated by their acts of sharing will finally be compensated for. Simply put, we’re building a future where any link you share can improve your reputation and earn you money, seamlessly deposited into your web3.0 account.

At the heart of our product is the ARC (Action Referral Contract) – a new kind of link for the web – one that benefits both sides of the share. Our goal is to enable a fluid sharing economy, so that the mere act of sharing links anywhere online bears economic fruit for those who share.

We are building the 2key ICO Network, which to our knowledge will be the first P2P platform enabling SMBs, freelancers, publishers and others to seamlessly mobilize the human web to produce results of value. This value can be generated by something as simple as bringing in new customers. With 2key, anyone will be able to define a required result and incentivize the web to efficiently pursue the result. The contractors will set the price and pay only per result, while rewards for spreading the word and fulfilling the contracts will be offered via dynamic reputation and performance driven incentive models. The result will be the optimization of the referral chains to target an audience which can effectively produce the result.

2key ICO enables Social-Sourcing – incentivized activation of result-driven organic virality.

The 2key ICO Network

For Individuals

2key empowers anyone to earn money and reputation for making successful referrals anywhere online

For Business

2key empowers individuals and organizations to incentivise the human web to produce desired results

For Society

2key serves to incentivize online sharing in respect to the economic value generated from each share

Powered by the 2KEY ICO token

2KEY ICO tokens are ERC20 utility tokens, used as the backbone currency for the 2key network. The asset being traded on the network is Social Capital – the reputation gained or lost by network users as they participate in 2key campaigns.

2KEYs are used to activate and ensure Contracts, and are the means of reward for successful sharing. To promote network growth and optimize participation, the 2key ICO network periodically rewards users for accumulated participation-reputation and token maintenance.

A network tariff is imposed on any conversion, and these 2KEYs are removed from circulation, to directly couple between value generated on the network and the viability of the 2KEY economy.