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Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research. MeliorAI ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 08/10/18 – 08/11/18

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web site MeliorAI
web site MeliorAI
web site MeliorAI
web site MeliorAI
web site MeliorAI
web site MeliorAI
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About MeliorAI ICO (token sale)

MeliorAI ICO is a research, development and solutions provider company. We are already generating revenue and our family of competitive e-commerce products and vibrant research and development pipeline will see the company achieve its vision to ‘Democratise Artificial Intelligence’.

We have already developed our own Machine Learning, Neural Network and Deep Learning models.

Our extensive research has focused on (reusable and multi-purpose) Natural Language and Image Understanding.

We are committed to continuous research and development, learning, expansion and growth. Our future focus will include Voice Recognition and Autonomous Agents. We will continue to generate products that bene t many industries including the Internet of Things, Education & Training, Healthcare, Finance, Commerce and Marketing & Analytics.

Melior ICO products provide innovative solutions to a number of problems including

Problem: The cost of access to AI and the need to have a lot of pre-existing data to train AI
Melior ICO Solution: Melior has created its own sophisticated neural networks for computer vision and image and natural language processing to develop models for domains with minimal amount of data available. Melior has a wide range of affordable chatbots

Problem: The growth in e-commerce is driving the need for customer service operations which are not easily scalable
Melior ICO Solution: Melior’s chatbots make it possible for companies to scale their customer support operations to match their customers demands

Problem: Many customers search for the same information online but websites can be hard to navigate and don’t answer the customer questions. Customer support often not available outside certain hours
Melior AI ICO Solution: Max – our interactive chatbot never sleeps, is available 24/7 and is equipped with easily extensible knowledge perfect for FAQs

Problem: Many companies have massive catalogues that are not easy to navigate
MeliorAI ICO Solution: Melior’s products are capable of handling very complex catalogues and include the ability to image search.

Melior Token Sale – Summary

  • ƒ The Melior (MEL) token is a utility token issued on the Ethereum platform conforming to the ERC20 standard.
  • ƒ The total amount of MEL tokens in issue will be 400 million. There will be no further tokens issued.
  • ƒ The soft cap of the token sale is $5 million USD and the hard cap will be approx $20 million USD equivalent.
  • ƒ Funds will be accepted in: Ether, Bitcoin, Neo, Litecoin, and Ripple.
  • ƒ The standard cost of a token is the crypto-currency equivalent of $0.12 USD. However, in different public sale periods there will be different preferential rates.
  • Up to 55.75% of MEL tokens (223 million) will be issued in the crowdsale and any that are not sold during this process will be added to the community fund.
  • ƒ There will be a minimum individual purchase of 1000 MEL tokens. There will be no maximum individual purchase.