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AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots, we have created the next generation of building materials. XMaterials ICO rating – 81

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Ended ICO : 25/11/18 – 23/12/18

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Business: 17/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 9/10 
Roadmap: 10/10 Legal: 4/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 17/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 15/20 
web site XMaterials
web site XMaterials
web site XMaterials
web site XMaterials
web site XMaterials
web site XMaterials
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About XMaterials ICO (token sale)

XMaterials ICO exists as the brainchild of three distinct technology ventures: DigiLab, HyperCon, and the Blueprint. Together, these three innovations in technology, mixing, and production aim to transform the construction industry as we know it.

We start with our AI-based software, called DigiLab. DigiLab allows us to assess the properties of millions of combinations of building materials so we can discover the optimal combinations of next-generation materials. We will issue two versions of the software, the DigiLab Demo, available to try on the website, and DigiLab Pro, which will require a franchise contract in order to be able to use it.

Using a complex algorithm, the AI platform in DigiLab takes 15 different natural materials and aggregates the best combinations per end user speci cations. It does this on a near-molecular level, analyzing raw materials down to the size of a single micron, in order to determine the ideal combination of various material properties like density, strength, heat resistance, eco-friendliness (XMaterials ICO are 99% recyclable), and even geolocation (material availability). The resulting mix of smart concrete also sets much quicker than standard concrete.

Using X Materials ICO patent-pending technology and recipes, we have created two unique revenue models.

  • The production model is already underway. Using our factory, XMaterials ICO Holdings produces innovative, next-generation products for our clients. XMaterials ICO Holdings acts as a designer, manufacturer, and distributor when needed.
  • The franchise model whereby XMaterial ICO Holdings licenses out our technology (HyperCon and the Blueprint) to precast manufacturers who want to replicate the X Material’s model.


The production model is already underway. Intellihouse LTD, a Bulgarian private limited company and being the sole shareholder of XMaterial ICO Holdings, is a pro table business with a pre-existing factory and technology. Intellihouse LTD is contracted by clients (mostly in Europe) to produce high-quality building materials.

As of the writing of this white paper, the XMaterial ICO is division of Intellihouse LTD is generating approximately US$2 million in revenue for its first year as a business.