NAi ICO review and rating

Nai ico rating

Block Chain Based Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of Crowd for The World Financial Markets. NAi ICO rating – 61

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PRE ICO Dates : 02/07/18 – 23/09/18
Ended ICO : 24/09/18 – 23/01/19

ICO rating
Business: 16/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 6/10 
Roadmap: 4/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 13/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 12/20 
web site NAi
web site NAi
web site NAi
web site NAi
web site NAi
web site NAi
web site NAi
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa
1 046 410
Rank by country:
Rank in MA – 48462, Rank in ID – 125697, Rank in EG – 48177, Rank in BD – 35799, Rank in RU – 384579

About NAi ICO (token sale)

“NAi ICO mission is to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build an approachable Prediction Market platform which will enable the free flow of useful information and statistical data along with streamlined communication between brokers and investors.”

Working of the NAi ICO Smart Contract:

The NAi Token holders concede to “lock” their respective tokens in a smart contract. A multplier is then included for longer clock durations. The smart contract defines the user selected lock duration and afterwards, applies the duration to a formula that is designed to normalize the supply of WIZ tokens that are currently in use.

Before locking the NAi tokens in the smart contract, the users will be able to see closely that how much WIZ they will be receiving as the outcome of executing their smart contract. As soon as the user executes the contract, 30% of their WIZ will be dispersed for immediate use and the rest of 70% will be dispersed proportionally over the locked time duration. Once the lock duration expires, the locked NAi ICO token fails to generate WIZ and the NAi token becomes freely transferable by the holder. Moreover, there is no restriction on how many times the NAi ICO token may be used to generate WIZ.

A core value proposal of NAi ICO is to assure future characteristics of the platforms to the users and the developers without even relying on the trustworthiness of an operating company. In order to ensure this, the elements including fee rates must be implemented into the software. WIZ will overwhelmingly be a predominant method for paying fees in the NAi ecosystem.

In the unexpected circumstances, the platform may become vulnerable to low-fee imitators. The alternative platforms may logically result in the loss of NAi ICO userbase, and these alternative platforms may logically cause erosion of the Gnosis userbase, consequently triggering justified loss of developer’s confidence that their generated markets and applications will remain viable on NAi.

To avoid such incidents, a fee reduction mechanism is designed to strengthen affordability and effectiveness of the NAi token sale platform.

The outcome is the added confidence for developers and the partners as well that NAi ICO is the infrastructure they should be building their markets on. Decentralization and cost are the two core requirements for the fee reduction mechanism. The mechanism would be costly in order to exclude spam or manipulation.

All fees paid in BTC/ETH/Tokens go to a sales contract outside the control of the NAi ICO team. If fees exist in the sales contract and NAi token holder can submit a bid against some amount of fees enclosed in the sales contract. If the bid gets accepted, the NAi ICO will then enter the sales contract and the user will receive the specified fees. When the user enters the sales contract, the fee reduction mechanism will be triggered resulting in a reduction in fees on NAi ICO proportional to the total amount of NAi held in the sales contract. The sales contract is one way and the NAi ICO cannot leave this wallet.

NAi Token Price

There are close to 1.5 billion investors around the world in financial markets including Stock, Bonds, Commodities, Forex and Derivatives. The value of acquired users on any financial platform varies from $300-$650 per registered users.

Taking the lowest of estimations and taking into the account that this is the first of its kind revolutionary platform in the world, lets consider the lowest growth rate when it comes to the user acquisition. Even if NAi token acquires just 1% of the total investors out there, that will equal 15 million in the first 2 years and at a minimum of $300/user instead of the higher side of $650/user.