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Get insured and file a claim in a minute. Fairness is guaranteed by democratic claim handling on the blockchain.. Colibra ICO rating – not rated.

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About Colibra ICO (token sale)

Colibra ICO is building an open crowdsourced platform on the blockchain for handling non-parametric insurance claims and the payments involved in a transparent, automated and autonomous way.

Our goals are to:

  • Bring fairness to the industry by democratizing the claim handling pro- cess in order to eliminate the conflict of interest from the traditional insurance model
  • Fix the legendary slowness of insurance claim payments by making them instant and autonomous
  • Reinvent transparency by being the first insurance company, fully open about its solvency

What Is Colibra ICO

Colibra ICO is a new type of insurance company, based on the Ethereum Block- chain. It is building a platform for handling insurance claims in a democratic manner by combining crowdsourcing and blockchain with game, choice and voting theory. Colibra ICO will underwrite its own insurance policies, starting with travel insurance. In addition, the company’s actuarial reserves will be fully transparent 24/7, and claim payouts will be fully automated and autonomous.

How It Works

To get insured or submit a claim, clients use Colibra’s simple and intuitive mobile app. Once all necessary documents are submitted, they are digitized. The claim handling is then crowdsourced on Colibra’s platform where independent claim handlers verify the validity of all documents. Finally, a crowd jury decides whether the claim is eligible for payout via a voting process, governed by smart contracts. Once the jury decides a claim is eligible, another smart contract instantly triggers a payment towards the client.

COLIBRA ICO token details

Token name: COLIBRA
Use: Contribution, Payment, Access
Total Supply: 500,000,000 tokens
Tokens for Sale: 225,000,000 (45%)
Private Sale Price: 1 COLIBRA = $0.10 (50M tokens cap)
Pubic Sale Price: 1 COLIBRA = $0.12 – $0.14
Token Economy: Deflationary (Burn)
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat.