Tripus ICO (TRIP token) review


TRIPUS platform will bring travelers and travel service providers to submit quality reviews and discount codes. Tripus ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 27/10/18 – 26/11/18

ICO rating

web site Tripus
web site Tripus
web site Tripus
web site Tripus
web site Tripus
web site Tripus
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa
575 858
Rank by country:
Rank in VN – 33270, Rank in IN – 220258, Rank in ID – 185641, Rank in BD – 68405, Rank in TR – 134435, Rank in RU – 459930, Rank in US – 295930, Rank in GB – 85163

About Tripus ICO (token sale)

The Tripus ICO platform was created as an ecosystem revolution that will bring travelers and travel service providers from around the world to submit quality reviews and discount codes. This is a The resources for travel ad agencies – from the construction of tourists and travel experts can do more than selling or buying services.

Our platform will give users all the advantages of technology blockchain:

  • instant and secure payment
  • transaction transparency
  • data storage decentralized safety
  • conflict resolution system developed well and opportunities for expansion are infinite.

Tripus ICO Platform ecosystem

Platform Tripus designed as an optimal solution for the problems plaguing both tourists and vendors tourist services: it is an ecosystem that allows all users to connect through background Tripus ICO foundation, planning trips efficiently and quickly, saving money and participate in the review sites as well as trips for active community in a dynamic way.

One of the great advantages of technology blockchain the new functionality can easily be added using the contract intelligence is or is modified a little while retaining a degree of transparency and security full of all transactions. The platform can be developed as an eco-system hierarchy mainly, provides users with an excellent opportunity to join a dynamic community, become experts recognized and implementing customized targeting with their personal career.

The main features of the ICO platform available for the owners of personal accounts and businesses. Both types of accounts will provide similar functionality but is divided for tax purposes and to simplify the calculation of fees and commissions. Owners account will now have access to tools more ads on the platform and will be able to get many different additional services in exchange for a monthly subscription fee option; moreover, business accounts will face certain restrictions when contacting private users to prevent spam. All internal payments in the platform will be implemented using the Tripus token – token of the official platform. Users will be able to store the token Tripus and variety of cryptocurrencies in the wallets of their personal background, immediate exchange between different types of cryptocurrencies.

Token Sale Information

Ecosystem platform Tripus has the potential to revolutionize the travel industry by providing for tourists and businesses a full range of innovative services and easy, environmentally decentralized interactive, secure payment and possibilities to plan for the trip from the start with the help of the best experts in this field. Through this platform, both tourists and business travelers will save considerable time and money to participate in a dynamic community with infinite possibilities. Sell token Tripus allows everyone involved in the project and receive token platform with significant bonuses.

TRIP token will be used as the sole means of payment in Tripus Platform. Furthermore, TRIP will be used to reward those who commented on the arbitration commission for their services, and so the referee awarded bonuses for users of different platforms.