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The world’s first transport and mobility crypto currency that will create a ubiquitous reward ecosystem for the transport industry. Abe Token ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 25/09/18 – 09/10/18
Ended ICO : 10/10/18 – 23/11/18

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web site Abe Token
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About Abe Token ICO (token sale)

ABE Token ICO is shaping the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem. Introducing a transport focused reward platform to power new business models in the transportation sector.

Fluid mobility is burdened by market inefficiencies and fiat limitations. Currently, there is no reward mechanism for an individual to contribute value back into the ecosystem, such as sharing data with service providers, or sending electricity back to the grid from their EV. In essence, this means that an important well of value is left untapped, needlessly slowing down the process of innovation. As it stands, we’re facing a world with self-driving cars, where you still need to fill out paperwork for insurance, pay per fixed units of an hour, and you don’t control your own driving data. Thankfully, blockchain is exceptionally well suited to solve these problems.

The ABE Token ICO Platform handles creation and management of reward and redemption systems between individuals and partners, creating an ecosystem where tokens are earned and used against mobility related products or services. Based on Ethereum, the ABE token ICO is used for transactions within the ecosystem. The in-wallet Marketplace both provides a means to discover and connect to partner rewards but also encourage new peer-to-peer mobility services such as car space sharing or even utility services like servicing, maintenance or cleaning.

The ABE Token ICO wallet and Marketplace are the simplest way to access and engage with the circular economy. A simple and intuitive interface connects transport related partners to individuals and handles all transactions and logging of those transactions. Contributing to the quality of the ecosystem can earn you ABE Tokens similar to in- game rewards, contributors are rewarded with tokens based on the quality and/or frequency of their input. This introduces a self-reinforcing and peer reviewed feedback loop continuously enhancing the quality of the ecosystem.


The ABE token is central to our ecosystem.

For our ecosystem to flourish in the transport sector, we encourage the use of the ABE token ICO within it and ultimately build value for all customers as adoption and utility grows.

The ABE token is the only unit of value used across ABE platform. Every purchase, sale, exchange or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of ABE tokens.

A global ledger combined with a token that’s required to use. That ledger aligns incentives and creates more intense product engagement. Blockchain uniquely rewards early adopters.

The product becomes more useful as more users join and demand for the token increases, which as a result increases utility for users. In other words, token utilization and network effects continuously reinforce each other which benefits early adopters.

Using the ABE token ICO in your business has numbers of advantages over creating your own token. Building payment infrastructure is a non- trivial task.

Adopting an existing payment structure lowers development cost and increases time to market. Leveraging a stable currency lowers barrier to adoption for end-users.