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A blockchain-based platform where you earn for porn. AmaStar ICO rating – 60

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PRE ICO Dates : 15/11/18 – 31/12/18
Active ICO : 15/01/19 – 01/03/19

ICO rating
Business: 14/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 7/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 14/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 12/20 
web site AmaStar
web site AmaStar
web site AmaStar
web site AmaStar
web site AmaStar
web site AmaStar
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 3 852 802

About AmaStar ICO (token sale)

AmaStar ICO is a blockchain-based platform where anyone can upload their own content – and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the reward for each content piece based on its popularity. Complete transparency achieved by blockchain – 90% of ad revenue is paid out to content makers.

AmaStar ICO aims to create an adult entertainment platform that will outperform all current projects in the industry. The main idea is to develop an ecosystem that benefits both end users and content creators, while rendering middlemen and intermediaries that take a lion share of the money obsolete. Imagine a live network where the customers choose what they want to see and play a vital role in sifting out poor quality content without any extra effort, while content providers are financially rewarded based on the popularity of their content. This system will motivate performers to provide better quality uploads, as it will directly affect their earnings. The adult industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we believe integrating blockchain will make it more secure, anonymous, fair and enjoyable for all participants.

How AmaStar ICO works

Content creators

Anyone can upload their own content – and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the reward in AS coins for each content piece based on its popularity, including user ratings, number of views/clicks, length of viewing times, etc. Performers will also be able to receive tips from users that particularly enjoyed their content. Withdrawing the earnings is as hussle-free as it gets – the minimum is an equivalent of $5, which can be cashed out at any day of the month (no more waiting for payout days).

End users

End users will have free access to an abundance of unique new good-quality amateur content, all in one place. The platform will feature pornographic photos, videos, stories, live chats/cam shares, all with various categories, so any customer is bound to find something to his liking. Each user participates in the rating system by simply browsing the content, which is automatically recorded; voting is not required to facilitate the ranking mechanism (though highly encouraged). When users register a private account, they will have access to a personalised feed tailored according to their preferences via machine learning. Users will also be able to order specific content from our Content Exchange, meaning anyone can receive exactly what they want.

Content moderation

AmaStar ICO will moderate each content piece before publishing it on the platform in order to filter out any illegal/harmful content. We’ve chosen to do this in-house as opposed to user curation because in the adult industry the repercussions of posting the harmful content are more severe for all parties involved. This is to make the platform a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone, as well as comply with the law. All suitable content will be moderated and published within 24 hours, and any user posting illegal content will be banned permanently, will all previous earnings frozen. Every user will have an opportunity to report prohibited content (including revenge porn), and we will aim to review and delete it if necessary within 12 hours.


A total of 110.000.000 tokens will be minted and the supply of AS will be limited to this number; no token creation, minting or mining will take place after the crowdsale.

Of these tokens, 66.000.000 will be allocated to investors and distributed during private pre-sale, public pre-ICO and public ICO

  • 11.000.000 will be held in the User Reward Fund and used for paying content creators for their contribution to the platform until there is enough orders from the advertisers to cover these costs;
  • 11.000.000 will be reserved for operations;
  • 16.500.000 will be split among advisors, project team and founders; 5.500.000 will be reserved for AirDrop and bounty campaigns.