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The Sound Legends Token (SLC) is a fundamental component of the entire Sound Legends ecosystem. Sound Legends ICO rating – 50

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/11/18 – 30/11/18
ICO Dates is not defined (TBA)

ICO rating
Business: 14/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 4/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 7/20 Token applying: 2/5 Promotion: 10/20 
web site Sound Legends
web site Sound Legends
web site Sound Legends
web site Sound Legends
web site Sound Legends
web site Sound Legends
web site Sound Legends
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 5 091 447

About Sound Legends ICO (token sale)

Sound Legends ICO is a global music company with a presence in all 195 countries around the world. The Company provides unequalled services for independent musicians who want to distribute, protect and publish their music but lack the tools and resources to accomplish their goals.

Our platform features innovative, integrated and automated proprietary technology capable of marketing, distributing, and capitalizing on the content created by independent musicians on a global scale. Their content is published worldwide on a wide variety of digital outlets such as Spotify, iTunes and 150 others, where listeners can access the music of our clients. In addition to our digital distribution services, Sound Legends also provides a comprehensive suite of services including royalty protection through global publishing, worldwide featured artist exposure within our 195 international portals and an automated copyright submittal service on the platform.

The heart of the sound legends ICO platform is our musicians’ dashboard. It provides complete analytics including where songs are being downloaded, the revenue being generated, as well as access to all the services Sound Legends ICO provides. It is truly a comprehensive marketing platform for our artists.


The approach of Sound Legends is to completely alter – for the better – the interaction between independent artists and the music industry. For this, the company has decided to focus on three crucial aspects of the industry: music distribution, music promotion, and music copyright protection.

Music Distribution

Sound Legends ICO offers artists the opportunity to distribute all of their content in a repertory of over 150 different platforms. At the same time, it allows them to keep 100% of their royalties.

Sound Legends ICO distributes artists’ music through the most popular digital music services around the world. Artists can sell and stream to over 150 digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play and Spotify. Musicians and bands can upload songs or even entire albums for a low annual fee. Artists can also track earnings and trending data on the Sound Legends dashboard.

Music Promotion

Sound Legends has developed a marketing service that allows artists to prominently present themselves in each of the 195 Sound Legends international country domains. Featured Artist status on our platform allows independent musicians to accelerate their careers by receiving top billing on the Sound Legends website, to be displayed in all the blogs and social media channels of the company. Featured Artists gain an outstanding position in the Sound Legends family, jumping them a step closer to a potential record deal with Sound Legends Records.

An artist has the choice of selecting any or all of the 7 continents, individually or combined, with a full global exposure offered at only $30 USD per year. A listener simply clicks on the musicians’ logo or image and it swiftly takes them to the artist fan page which Sound Legends provides. Here, the musician is in complete control of what’s presented about the artist, including songs, album drops, news, merchandise, concert info and much more. This service provides exceptional exposure to the global music landscape.