SMART TRADE COIN works with four official bank connections to make sure that you have your crypto in less than 3 working days
. Smart Trade Coin ICO rating – 76

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PRE ICO Dates : 14/10/18 – 10/11/18
Active ICO : 15/12/18 – 30/04/19

ICO rating
Business: 15/20 Product: 4/5 WP: 9/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 18/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 17/20 
web site Smart Trade Coin
web site Smart Trade Coin
web site Smart Trade Coin
web site Smart Trade Coin
web site Smart Trade Coin
web site Smart Trade Coin
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130 437
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Rank in TR – 24927, Rank in RU – 26909, Rank in IL – 4051, Rank in ES – 20919, Rank in AZ – 33113, Rank in HU – 14616, Rank in PL – 42514, Rank in CH – 9797, Rank in LV – 11144, Rank in KZ – 10089, Rank in UZ – 12655

About Smart Trade Coin ICO (token sale)

SMART TRADE ICO mission is to create a large crypto community by encouraging normal, non-technical users to enter the crypto industry world by joining the SMART TRADE COMMUNITY.
This is achieved by providing an intuitive, extensible software platform (“SMART TRADE COIN APPLICATION PLATFORM”).

The already programmed and in the basic version deliverable software should significantly facilitate the administration and the acting of exchanges and funds.

SMART TRADE ICO software can be used for trading on multiple exchanges, reporting on the assets in your portfolio, investment training, setting up private online discussion forums and any other function implemented via a publicly accessible plug-in infrastructure.

Once the number of SMART TRADE COMMUNITY members has grown sufficiently, it will have enough influence to negotiate with exchanges and other key crypto industry stakeholders to achieve lower fees, privileged APIs, easier on-boarding, access to FIAT gateways and other benefits that a single community member would not be able to obtain on its own.

In addition, SMART TRADE SOLUTIONS LTD will use its funds to become an active investor in the crypto market and thus increase the value of SMART TRADE TOKEN as a further benefit.

The software can be used from anywhere in the world. All you need is Internet access and a computer. Thus, the entire worldwide market of crypto traders is available. In addition, there are a large number of potential newcomers who have not yet invested in the crypto market. The software gives them easy and more efficient access to the crypto market, making it much easier for them to invest and trade lucratively.

The basis for participation in the Smart Trade Community is the crypto currency Smart Trade Coin ICO (TRADE), which in addition to the payment function for the tools of the Smart Trade ICO Software offers an exceptional incentive for the holders of this coin.

We expect to unite millions of traders in the Smart Trade ICO Community in the long run through these benefits.

The SMART TRADE COIN ICO Community will make this possible:

  • Platform users receive reduced fees
  • Agreements can be reached with banks to help increase the liquidity of crypto currency assets and ensure the availability of a FIAT gateway;
  • A simpler onboarding process on the exchanges;
  • Faster and more stable trading through premium API access;
  • Take advantage of privileged Exchange connections;
  • Achieve additional profit;


A total of 7.2 billion TRADEs will be created and issued via the Ethereum Blockchain protocol using a smart contract. TRADE will be freely transferable. With its advanced features and active ecosystem, Ethereum is suitable for TRADE. The coins have high confirmation rates and are 98.99% immune to fraudulent activity.

TRADEs do not indicate ownership of a company. Therefore, the holders of TRADE will not participate in any profits or income from the SMART TRADE COIN ICO APPLICATION PLATFORM Ecosystem nor in any dividends or interest or income and profits of the SMART TRADE SOLUTION LTD. However, it is expected that TRADE’s value will rise sharply. TRADE’s market capitalization will reflect the billion euro business that created the first SMART TRADE COIN APPLICATION PLATFORM system. The limitations of the manual arbitration process and the new possibilities in crypto currencies and blockchain technology, which have the need for a fully automated trading system, offer unparalleled growth potential.

TRADE is a speculative digital coin available worldwide.

TRADE will be available on the major crypto currency trading platforms such as Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Coinbase, etc.

The coins can be put into circulation and p2p traded.

The price of TRADE is determined by market forces and mechanisms of trading crypto currencies. Users will be able to buy and sell TRADE in crypto currencies.