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We want to create a better life with real estate. aassio ICO rating – 67

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/12/18 – 14/02/19
Active ICO : 01/03/19 – 30/04/19

ICO rating
Business: 17/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 15/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 13/20 
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About aassio ICO (token sale)

aassio ICO is a blockchain-based platform where people will get easy access to easily invest, hold, buy or sell real estate with other cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets.

We want to create a better life with real estate, especially for the Future Living society. A better life where people can reach their own financial success in a fair, efficient and low-cost ecosystem through access to real estate with the assistance of aassio ICO.
The Future Living society implicates everything that handles, solves, and assists lifestyle trends with a shared economy, smart buildings, digital nomadism, self-realization, patchwork families, stronger diversity, global mobility and even time sharing – in the near future also with the infrastructure of tokenized real estate and high liquidity.

In the perspective of aassio ICO, we want to solve 3 critical problems which prevent most people from benefiting from real estate:

• Liquidity – bad
• Affordability – capital intensive
• Transaction efficiency – high costs

The liquidity problem has always been the biggest problem of real estate. For example, you are a hard worker and have been paying a mortgage on your apartment in London for years. At some point in time there’s a big change in life, you are moving to Singapore with your family. Now you want to sell your apartment in London tomorrow, take the money, move to Singapore and use that money to buy a new home or secure a new mortgage. This is almost impossible in the currently market systems unless you are one of “the rich”. The liquidity problem prevents many people from investing in real estate or owning a home, because most people want to have enough liquid money to deal with the uncertainties in life.

aassio ICO solution

To solve the aforementioned problems of real estate – along with the new era of blockchain. We will build the aassioECO ecosystem in 3 phases:

Phase 1: aassioX – crypto exchange

Phase 2: aassioHOME – real estatetokenization (RET)

Phase 3: aassioLIFE – future-living solutions & open source

aassio ICO terms

To enable aassioX, aassioHOME and aassioLIFE in the phases 1, 2 and 3, aassio ICO would launch two rounds of token sale (ICO). With carefully designed token and planning of the initial token sale setup, we are convinced that the different scenarios of the token sale have taken into account.

In case of reaching the soft cap at 6M USD in the 1st round of token sale, the products and services of aassioECO with all 3 phases will be developed and brought in operation within 24 months. In the event of meeting the hard cap at 10M USD the launch of aassioX could be pushed forward by one quarter due to better funding situation and more resources. Both of these caps will result in the aassioHOME token sale (2nd ICO) coming up in Q3 2019 – Q1 2020.

In case of overfunding the development could get even more ambitious. Depending on the level of overfunding in the 1st ICO, aassioHOME should be advanced by 1 to 2 quarters – comparing to the soft cap scenario – by investing in or tokenizing real estate actively and setting up the team of aassioHOME operations months earlier.

Additionally aassioLIFE would be accelerated in the overfunding scenario, too. In case of overfunding reached its maximum of 50M USD in the 1st ICO, there would be no 2nd ICO necessary, and the implementation of phase 3 aassioLIFE would be going online by 3 quarters earlier.