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The Global Decentralized Health System. Cura Network ICO rating – 74

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PRE ICO Dates : 07/01/19 – 17/03/19
Active ICO : 04/04/19 – 24/06/19

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Business: 17/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 16/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 15/20 
web site Cura Network
web site Cura Network
web site Cura Network
web site Cura Network
web site Cura Network
web site Cura Network
web site Cura Network
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About Cura Network ICO (token sale)

Cura Network ICO is a global decentralized health system comprising of entities collaborating and sharing data with each other to promote, restore or maintain health

We aim to improve the healthcare universe by making use of blockchain technology to create a unified platform that will power a plethora of health services.

In the end, our goal is to integrate patients, specialists, providers and third-party app developers, into a blockchain ecosystem, which will make health transactions truly efficient, secure, explicit, fast and reliable.


A patient is an autonomous human entity; the center of interest in the Cura Network. Patients have exclusive ownership of their health data distributed and shared by other permissioned entities. Patients can authorize or deny access to part or all of their health records.

This entity is either a human or a bot. Specialists are the primary suppliers of a wide variety of health services. Specialists are responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of the health data of their patients served per time. A human specialist could be a medical doctor, therapist, psychologist, dietitian etc. A non-human specialist or a bot could be an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) device such as a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system, fitness tracker etc. or an intelligent software agent.

These are vetted health care and research institutions that sponsor specialists on the network. A specialist must be sponsored by one or more providers to be active on the network.

We believe healthy people are essential for sustainable development. But true and rapid innovation in the global health industry has long been hindered by obsolete health systems in a fragmented ecosystem split along strict government policies impeding the quality and efficiency of patient care.

While Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems were a proposed quality improvement method, they are proven to have cons that lead to increased costs and disorganized care.
EHR costs range from hardware, support staff, security software, and software licensing to its derived lack of interoperability. A patient receiving care across providers has no guarantee that records between providers will be updated, and the patient is burdened to facilitate the coordination of care with little or no control over the patient’s data. When health providers do not have a common single source of truth for analytics and global research. of health records, the result is an inefficient and fractured system leading to repeated and unnecessary procedures and tests, further increasing costs.

Connecting to Cura ICO Network – Entities will primarily have access to our blockchain network via our mobile client application protected by fingerprint lock on mainstream smartphone platforms. During initialization of the mobile application, the user will be taken through a basic KYC process requiring verifiable credentials and extras depending on the intended role of the entity (Patient, Specialist, or App Developer). A private/public key pair will be generated alongside a global Cura ICO Network Identity (CNID). All operations ranging from permissions and role management to API key request for a new app by a developer, will be managed within Cura Network’s mobile application.