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The Next Generation of Social Media and Digital Networks using Augmented Reality and trustable imagery. KlickZie ICO rating – 65

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/12/18 – 28/02/19
Active ICO : 01/03/19 – 31/05/19

ICO rating
Business: 16/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 6/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 15/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 15/20 
web site KlickZie
web site KlickZie
web site KlickZie
web site KlickZie
web site KlickZie
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa
1 381 687
Rank by country:
Rank in IN – 269176, Rank in ID – 281864, Rank in RU – 832308

About KlickZie ICO (token sale)

Tautachrome is launching the KLK cryptocurrency to support a global trade in goods, services and digital information made possible by its newly patented KlickZie ICO technologies, and required to support the immediacy, transparency, security and global reach of this commerce.

The Company has developed patented and patent pending technologies branded “KlickZie technologies.” These technologies are being developed as two smartphone app platforms, the KlickZie ICO ArK platform (the “ArKnet”) and the KlickZie ICO Activated Imagery platform.

These two platforms implement the cryptocurrency transaction activity in the KLK ecosystem.
• KlickZie ICO ArKs add the blockchain power of frictionless, automated transactions between buyers
and sellers in the world of commerce for goods and services of all kinds.
• KlickZie ICO Activated Imagery lets consumers gain for themselves the value of their imagery and their digital information that up to now have been funneled to social networking systems.

Both platforms give users the ability to create digital products that employ the KLK ecosystem to generate new income.

The KlickZie ArKnet platform enables sellers of goods and services to deploy Augmented Reality interfaces, which consist of digital information belonging to the seller, that advertises and facilitates the sale of the sellers goods or services using geo-located interfaces branded ArKs. ArKs are easy to deploy, function world-wide, and benefit all forms of commerce. They serve the world’s goods and services commerce market.

The KlickZie ICO Activated Imagery platform is also intended to be global, serving smartphone users worldwide. KlickZie’s novel Activated Imagery technology automatically “activates” consumer smartphone pictures and videos as this digital imagery is created using a trade secret, invisible marking process. Activation allows the ownership and trustability of the consumer’s imagery and other digital information to be reliably established, permitting the monetization of this digital information using features of the KlickZie ICO Activated Imagery platform. Monetization allows the KLK ecosystem to extract profit for consumers utilizing the consumer’s own personal digital information.

Both of KlickZie’s ICO platforms are global and both tap the organic activities of the users they server. The ArKnet platform uses Augmented Reality to amplify the marketing of what sellers are already working to sell. The KlickZie ICO activation platform allows the trillions of smartphone pictures and frames of video being produced each year to be transformed from a giant pile of ordinary imagery into a giant ecosystem of monetizable and trustable imagery products earning profit on the KLK blockchain.