Adab Solutions ICO review


ADAB Solutions is developing the FICE – First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the norms of Shariah. Adab Solutions ICO rating – 79

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Ended ICO : 29/12/18 – 10/02/19

ICO rating
Business: 19/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 3/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 17/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 17/20 
web site Adab Solutions
web site Adab Solutions
web site Adab Solutions
web site Adab Solutions
web site Adab Solutions
web site Adab Solutions
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa
634 149
Rank by country:
Rank in IN – 382424, Rank in RU – 450091, Rank in US – 702819, Rank in KZ – 57141

About Adab Solutions ICO (token sale)

Adab Solutions ICO Functioning in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance.

Adab Solutions ICO solve the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world at large.

The first Islamic crypto platform
Adab Solutions ICO makes it possible to perform cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance on the basis of Shariah norms and we are the first company that solves this problem.

Development of new markets
Adab Solutions ICO – will attract millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets and this will benefit the entire crypto-economy that will increase with new participants, who previously just watched its development from the sidelines.

The lowest price for ICO
The initially issued number of tokens is the maximum and the final. Further the number of tokens will decrease, and the price will rise.

High potential of growth of the value of token
The expected growth in the client base and the volume of transactions on FICE is the direct driver of the price of the ADAB token, the only crypto currency, which can be used to pay for commission on all transactions within the platform.

Contribution to the development of the Islamic financial system
By purchasing ADAB tokens now and participating in a project designed for a large community, you not only share with us the benefits of entering the new fast-growing market of Islamic crypto-economics, but also contribute to the development of a new areas of application of the Islamic financial system.

ADAB Solutions’ ICO is a great opportunity to invest in a unique project that has no analogs in the World. If you will make a purchase now, you will be granted the most favorable conditions and bonuses up to 40% of the purchasing amount. Most importantly, ADAB Solutions guarantees the redemption of ADAB tokens at a price not lower than $ 0.1after the full launch of FICE.

Who is observing the ADAB Solutions’ ICO processes in compliance with the principles and norms of Shariah?

Adviser on the observance of the norms of Shariah is Mufti Faraz Adam. He works on the Analyzing, Reviewing ADAB Solutions ICO project as well as ADAB tokens from the Shariah-Compliance perspectives, he is developing a framework to ensure that the ADAB Solutions project is a Shariah-Compliant. He wrote a “Shariah-Pronouncement — ADAB token” with Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar and gave strong points with a prove why ADAB Solutions and ADAB token are Shariah-Compliant.

Mufti Bakar works as an adviser. He was the first to prove that Bitcoin is consistent with the principles of Islamic finance.