BITOZZ is creating a completely new ecosystem, built to facilitate a crypto derivave market. Bitozz ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 16/10/18 – 01/02/19

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web site Bitozz
web site Bitozz
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About Bitozz ICO (token sale)

BITOZZ ICO is creating a completely new ecosystem, built to facilitate a crypto derivative market where traders have access to variety of trading and investment instruments, enabling a highly liberating, strategic, low-risk and seamless trading experience.

With its array of derivative instruments, BITOZZ ICO offers its users the freedom to hedge, speculate and diversify their portfolio. Traders of all styles and grade will find a product of their liking and a platform that not only simplifies their experience but also lets them maintain a high degree of control over customising that experience. By expanding the choices for BITOZZ ICOs customers, our ecosystem will aid in deciding what strategy is most suitable for investing and trading their assets. An increase in choices and improved experience translates to satisfied customers, leading to a larger pool of participants and thus to greater liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.

However, BITOZZ ICO are not limited to only derivatives products; as the user of a one-stop-solution; our customers will be able to avail even more trading and investing opportunities via our extended product offerings.


BITOZZ ICO is creating a brand new decentralised ecosystem, where traders have access to multiple trading and investment instruments, coupling this with innovative platform features, a diverse customer base will be attracted to not just come to trade on the exchange, but stay on as loyal users.


Specializing in blockchain and smart contract technology, Bitozz ICO Exchange aims at building a network that could make – not just cryptocurrency trading – but any trading less complex and more diversified in offerings.


  • Advanced order types enabling algorithmic trading (cover order, bracket order, mul ple orders etc.)
    Hedge, speculate and diversify your portfolio with our product offerings
  • Leverage up to 25x without any carrying cost (Funding Cost)
  • Execute trades quickly and precisely with our exclusive ‘Point-and-Click’ ladder based trading interface
  • Effectuate semi-automated trading strategies with advanced and customisable visualisation & analytics tools
  • Learn trading without risking real cryptocurrencies with state of the art Bitozz Exchange Simulator
  • Break into the crypto landscape with our ecosystem whether you are an institutional investor, professional trader or trading neophyte