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Blockchain Platform for Financial and Technological Tools to emerging Projects. SocialRemit ICO rating – 65

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Active ICO : 03/09/18 – 03/06/19

ICO rating
Business: 14/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 5/10 
Roadmap: 6/10 Legal: 3/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 14/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 14/20 
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web site SocialRemit
web site SocialRemit
web site SocialRemit
web site SocialRemit
web site SocialRemit
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa: 1 571 944

About SocialRemit ICO (token sale)

SocialRemit ICO is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools.

Based on blockchain we aim to impact society in a positive way, through the associative economy that aims to build decentralized autonomous platforms.

Betting that the participating community gets involved in its projects and finances which will also serve to establish a structure for social marketing and promotion where each project can be spread on to the media to take advantage of competition between the highlighted projects and obtain financing from other users.
Although blockchain technology is still taking its first steps, SocialRemit ICO plans to take a leading role in all facets of remittances. Starting with the remittance market, then real estate globally.

To make this a reality and tokenize real estate assets to then be negotiated in our Crowdfunding Touristic Real-Estate.

SocialRemit ICO aims to build decentralized highly efficient autonomous communities, betting that the participating community gets involved in the projects that it finances and promotes.
Every user of the community should spread the word about the products of the SocialRemit network, we want word of mouth communication to be positive, encouraging more customers to join our platform. We will dedicate all the necessary tools, resources and people to make this happen.

A decentralized community, based on netarchy (power of the network), can make decisions quickly, minimizing energy expenditure safely and reliably. SocialRemit ICO stipulates a ‘liquid’ system of Decentralized Autonomous Organization for its internal community, where users can choose a sustained community in which they can propose the development of projects and also predict their viability.

This governance model for the community will be within a communication framework in which users promote good behaviors and values, with the aim of achieving a monetary return through the internal tokens (EaD) of the SocialRemit ICO network.

These organizations will operate independently and autonomously.

SocialRemit ICO Tokens (SRT).

The SocialRemit ICO tokens will only be released during the crowd sales period. The starting value of the “SRT” tokens will be USD $ 1 at the moment of their release, in the different exchangers upon the termination of the ICO and their nominal value will be able to increase or decrease. They can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies in different Centralized and Decentralized Crypto Exchanges once the ICO and the released tokens are finished. The SocialRemit ICO tokens are stored in a special intelligent contract, the SocialRemit token holder can change a given amount of SRT weekly by Internal Tokens “EaD” to the average price that is in the exchangers of cryptocurrencies where it is operating.