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Simply getting the job done. Mycro ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 14/12/18 – 31/01/19

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web site Mycro
web site Mycro
web site Mycro
web site Mycro
web site Mycro
web site Mycro
web site Mycro
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About Mycro ICO (token sale)

With Mycro ICO we will create an innovative solution for people with time and money problems and tokenize the imbalance between time and money. The Mycro ICO Token (MYO) will play an essential role in the decentralized peer-to-peer network „Mycro“. The technological basis for this is the Ethereum blockchain.

Mycro ICO is a mobile app which is intuitive to use. Simple jobs on a short-term basis can be posted directly to the mycro network for free. Through intelligent and self-learning algorithms known from dating platforms, Mycro ICO matches these jobs just-in-time with the right jobber. He or she does the job. One person gains time, the other money.

Fast and simple use, trust, security and low fees are essential for Mycro‘s success.

Fast and simple use: matching based on intelligent and self- learning algorithms

Mycro‘s success is significantly based on intuitive usability. The needs of job providers and jobbers must be satisfied in a fast and uncomplicated way. This happens by matching the right job offer with the right jobber. Only then do both parties achieve their goals. A good work pro- duct for the job provider. A pleasant and lucrative job for the jobber. This is why Mycro ICO relies on a special sorting function. Both jobber and job provider can specify their preferences and rank them according to importance. The intelligent self-learning matching algorithm is now supposed to sort the available job offers, taking into consideration the preselected preferences, the job history and the ratings resulting from this. The jobber finds all individually sorted job offers in the Mycro ICO application. This is all based on user guidance or a user surface that is comparable with networks such as Tinder. The jobber simply has to swipe to look through the job offers and search for a suitable offer. The jobs are sorted in a descending order based on the level of compatibility (match).

Trust: decentral rating system/decentral user verification

Reliability and reputation are extremely important when people have contact with each other. According to economists, more than 60% of people read the ratings provided by others when shopping online befo- re deciding on a product. The percentage is even higher if the ratings are reliable. In this regard, independent user reports are 12-fold more effective than the manufacturer‘s product descriptions. So far, it has been possible to provide ratings only in closed systems.

We would like to change this. Every user profile of a job provider or
a jobber is linked to an Ethereum wallet. Every job that is performed
is monitored by a smart contract. After the job has been carried out successfully, the smart contract gives both the job provider and the jobber the option to evaluate each other. These ratings are decentrally linked to the relevant user’s ethereum address. In this way, subsequent manipulations or fake ratings are ruled out.

Security: decentral escrow smart contract

In the event a job is agreed, both the job provider and the jobber will each receive a personal QR code. The start of the job is marked by the job provider scanning the jobber‘s QR code. If the parties have decided on payment by cryptocurrency, the agreed remuneration will be sent directly to an escrow smart contract at this stage. The money will be held in trust by the escrow smart contract while the job is performed (escrow). Neither the job provider nor the jobber has access to the money. In order to conclude the job, the jobber scans the job provider‘s QR code and the smart contract will take care of the jobber‘s remuneration. Intermediaries or payment service providers are no longer required for this payment method.

Low fees: no intermediaries

It is our vision to convert Mycro ICO into a completely decentralised application (dApp) without a central entity or an intermediary company. By eliminating the intermediary, the fees of up to 30% usually charged on other networks no longer have to be paid. Users merely pay 2% for the use of the complete decentralised version of Mycro ICO.

Mycro ICO token (MYO)
Total number: 100.000.000
Type: ERC-20, Pre-mined, Utility token

MYO Token functions

The Mycro token has the following functions in the Mycro network:

1. Job shopping
Jobbers can use Mycro tokens (MYO) in order to land a better position on the job provider‘s list of applicants.

2. Currency
It is planned that users can pay with Mycro tokens (MYO).
(subject to possible official permits)

3. Rewarding
The reward pool rewards users with Mycro tokens (MYO) for good ratings after a successfully completed job.

4. Referrals
The reward pool rewards users with Mycro tokens (MYO) for advertising activities for the application.