converts the intangible fan activities into the tangible values
for the sustainable entertainment ecosystem. STAYGE ICO rating – 67


PRE ICO Dates : 23/02/19 – 22/03/19
ICO Dates is not defined (TBA)

ICO rating
Business: 16/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 7/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 3/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 15/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 14/20 
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About STAYGE ICO (token sale)

STAYGE ICO One’s mission is to create a sustainable platform where everyone, including motivated fans, artists, and a variety of stakeholders in the entertainment industry, to grow and benefit more equitably.

To this end, we are tokenizing the fandom that is the true foundation of the entertainment industry. Fandom’s influence was intangible in previous ecosystems but will have tangible value through STAYGE ICO Network. Tokenized fandom will be a driving force for the ecosystem and market expansion.

STAYGE ICO Network equitably rewards fans for their value-creating activities by using a cryptocurrency, which fans can use to purchase products such as albums, goods, and digital contents provided by artists. A fair rewards system motivates fans, and this encouragement leads to higher levels of participation and the acquisition of new groups of fans. This means STAYGE Network functions as a self-motivated fan marketing platform. Moreover, STAYGE Network introduces previously unrealized, intangible value into the ecosystem in the form of cryptocurrency, enabling a virtuous cycle in which both the fandom’s value-creating activities are monetizable and consumable goods can be purchased, providing a new driver for the sustainable expansion of the market and the ecosystem.

STAYGE ICO Coin(STG) & Activity Token(ACT)

STAYGE Network economic system is composed of two types of cryptocurrency, STAYGE Coin(STG) and Activity Token(ACT).

The key currency of STAYGE ICO Network, STG, has the role of connectivity with other communities and is also used as a base currency in STAYGE Network. Members of communities can participate in the decision making processes of STAYGE Network, the sponsoring of projects, and the purchasing of goods and payment of artists’ guarantees, etc. with STG. They can purchase STG at coin exchanges or receive it as rewards for their contributions. STG will be issued as a token and will be converted to a coin after launching of mainnet.

ACT is issued by each community, and it is a means of transaction and rewards which are given according to one’s contribution. ACT rewards can include decision making in the community, the purchase of products or tickets, and digital contents consumption. Artists can also earn ACT through offering their products and contents in fan communities. ACT that artists earn can be converted to STG based on the conversion rate determined by the degree of community activation. ACT is converted to already issued STG, and thus does not result in the new issuance of STG. Therefore, the issuance of ACT by community activities does not mean the dilution of the STG value, but rather the increase in the value of STG.

Since the rate at which ACT converts to STG is not determined by the bidding of STG and ACT, it is not possible to obtain trading gains by intentionally adjusting demand and supply. This means that the community of artists based on ACT can be a healthy and sustainable community space for artists and fans. It is impossible to make the short-term profit by securing the ACT of a specific artist in STAYGE Network.

The artists and fans can compose the independent ecosystem through each of communities’ ACT. Decisions of respective communities are determined by the participation of the contributors to each community. In this sense, each community in STAYGE ICO Network is decentralized and independent. This means that artists’ participation in STAYGE Network can have the same effect as creating a blockchain network or DApp on their own.