Gem4me Market Space ICO


Market Space is a commercial platform with integrated crypto-financial services and is built on the foundation of the Gem4me messenger. Gem4me Market Space ICO rating – 84

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Active ICO : 01/01/19 – 01/04/19

ICO rating
Business: 18/20 Product: 4/5 WP: 9/10 
Roadmap: 9/10 Legal: 4/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 19/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 13/20 
web site Gem4me Market Space
web site Gem4me Market Space
web site Gem4me Market Space
web site Gem4me Market Space
web site Gem4me Market Space
ICO Traffic Rank by Alexa
3 198 412
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Rank in RU – 658415

About Gem4me Market Space ICO (token sale)

Gem4me Market Space ICO uses cutting-edge technologies like chat bots, blockchain protocols, smart fintech tools, and artificial intelligence to offer a new kind of service to merchants and consumers. In this project, we tried to combine the best of what technology has to offer to give a value-added service to our current and future users.

We’re more than an idea. We’ve been hard at work for 3 years

Unlike many other projects, we don’t position ourselves as a grand idea that needs money to work. Instead, we already have multiple assets and key skills, including Gem4me messenger: definitive proof that we have what it takes to tackle global, large-scale projects and succeed.

To be more specific, Gem4me Market Space ICO is built over our biggest, most important asset, namely our 3 years of development into the Gem4me messenger. Despite messengers being a highly competitive niche, we have created one with 6 million users spanning 60 countries, and we continue to perfect and market it worldwide. We believe that this messenger will guarantee Gem4me Market Space’s ICO own fast growth – and that our experience in creating it will be highly valuable.

Our project has been created by a large team of developers that includes Synesis, a team that helped develop large-scale mobile applications like Viber and gaming portal Playtika, as well as other groups of developers that specialize in Blockchain technology, fintech, A.I. and more. Our programmers have worked on and completed highly complex projects, unlike those working on similar teams.

Our army of fans is our unique advantage. Our experience with team-based technologies, as well as our strategy for financing Gem4me via crowd investing, helped us attract a large circle of private investors who are now highly interested in Gem4me’s future development. These fans/co-investors now help us develop, test, and promote Gem4me worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to make Gem4me Market Space ICO the most global and convenient e-commerce market application and safe transaction ecosystem in the world. Using modern technologies will help us give our customers simplicity, transparency, and value. Having worked on the project for over a year to date, we’re already far along the development timeline and are positive and confident about our continued success. Late April saw the beta release of Market Space’s ICO store-building chatbot: a tool that helps users build stores quickly and easily. The chatbot is currently being tested and used to help merchants populate the platform.

Introducing 2 Gemme Coin (GMC)

Gemme Coins, abbreviated as GMC, are the native utility token of the Gem4me Market Space ICO platform. GMC tokens are used to facilitate transactions inside the Gem4me Market Space ICO ecosystem.

This includes, but is not limited to, the purchase of goods and services, resolving transactions between users, and escrow services.