DigitalCryptoInvest (DCI) ICO rating and details


We make investment easily accessible, comprehensive for everyone. DCI DigitalCryptoInvest ICO rating – 49

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PRE ICO Dates : 05/08/19 – 18/08/19
Upcoming ICO : 03/02/20 – 23/02/20

ICO rating
Business: 12/20 Product: 1/5 WP: 6/10 
Roadmap: 5/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 3/5 
Team: 10/20 Token applying: 2/5 Promotion: 9/20 
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest
web site DCI DigitalCryptoInvest

About DCI DigitalCryptoInvest ICO (token sale)


DCI ICO Proposed Financial Market Solution

DigitalCryptoInvest (DCI) ICO ecosystem has been thought thoroughly to solve some of the existing financial market problems and some of the technical limitations we face today with blockchain. Few significant differentiators from our competitors from a technology and business capabilities standpoint are:

  • Non-Functional Language (Security)
  • Cross Chain Transaction capability to improve liquidity and scalability
  • We have chosen Stellar
  • Real to Digital Asset Transformation (Securitization)
  • Efficient risk management of the volatile market

Why You Should Choose DCI?

Trust: The ledger is trusted by using the digital fingerprint which is extremely sensitive to any changes in the underlying data.

Maintenance: The ledger is maintained by members as any member can add records to the ledger, but those records can only be accepted after multiple verification acceptance from the group based on the ledger’s requirements.

Smart Contract: DigitalCryptoInvest ICO Smart contracts are digital algorithms or computer programmes that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation

Immutability: Due to the technological characteristics of the blockchain — the distributed database where the smart contract is stored – any interference aimed at changing the terms of the deal after it has been signed is impossible without the mutual consent of each party.

Reduce cost and complexity to execute a transaction: Current environment requires multiple processes that increase complexity and infrastructure costs. The high level of complexity translates into lower margins for both asset managers and investors. With Blockchain this complexity is wiped out and made extremely efficient and “fast”.

Transparency: The DigitalCryptoInvest ICO financial system lacks transparency which significantly decreases investors trust. The transactions can be view and seen by member looking to the ledger.


Token ICO/ITO Economics

The second and third DigitalCryptoInvest ITO will follow a different distribution. (We will publish this distribution in due time). To act against downwards pressure on Lumen currency price we will keep the funds primarily stored in Lumen, this is the platform we operate upon and we are keen to maintain the rate at the right level to support our long-term project. Funds will be kept in Lumen and exchanged to other currencies when needed, and the smart contract will define this. We are planning to hold at least 30% of the fund in Lumen at all time. The team will be compensated for their effort with a percentage of DCI token. They will also be vested as follow to keep our team focused on the DCI long-term commitment: 2-year vesting period and 1-year cliff.