Faireum ICO review and rating

Faireum ico

Faireum is an industry-level public blockchain that will revolutionize online gambling platforms. Faireum ICO rating – 73

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PRE ICO Dates : 25/03/19 – 24/04/19
Active ICO : 01/06/19 – 31/08/19

ICO rating
Business: 18/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 8/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 2/5 ICO terms: 4/5 
Team: 16/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 12/20 
web site Faireum
web site Faireum
web site Faireum
web site Faireum
web site Faireum
web site Faireum

About Faireum ICO (token sale)

Faireum ICO has developed a competitive public blockchain based on the best practices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. The consensus algorithm adopted from the Byzantine fault tolerance based delegated proof of stake (BFT-DPos) assures the verification of transactions on the Faireum ICO Blockchain as well as its performance.

Faireum ICO is currently developing a platform to create a new model for online gaming to complement the existing system. After the ICO, Faireum ICO will fully implement and run an online betting platform supported by Faireum ICO blockchain framework. It will focus on users, players and developers and service providers, and Faireum net-based protocols and incentives to provide a more perfect and healthy gaming ecosystem.

This system can provide a P2P marketplace for game developers and support a large number of independent front-end platforms where players can discover and play gambling and betting games. We will be providing the platform on a smart contract with other third-party developers to leverage on with the end goal being the creation of a global, decentralized system, where any barrier and central authority is eliminated, and where players would enjoy a fast, fair and secure online gambling experience.

With the act of creating a new blockchain based on the Faireum ICO protocol and custom features to meet Online Gambling requirements, Faireum ICO will remove the risk inherent in the current system by making it decentralized, transparent and trustless.

Faireum Economic Plan

The main revenue stream of Faireum ICO will come from developers’ commission-based revenue. The business model will focus on attracting users via marketing activities, empowering users and creating a global community of players who want to participate in the network.
Faireum ICO will operate a platform with a high margin of profit from developers and other parties in the ecosystem through the provision of several plans:

Developer plan. Developers can write the games and Dapps with Solidity or other programming languages and are not limited to publishing smart contracts to the Faireum ICO Blockchain network. Faireum ICO will charge a transaction fee for publishing a smart contract and charge a listing fee for listing the game on the FSN. For games or Dapps that reach a certain number of users, Faireum ICO will return the transaction fee and listing fee as a reward and will further reward from the community reserve pool if the game is popular enough.

100% RTP and subscription plan. Faireum ICO supports a special charge subscription mode, which can be authorized or revoked by the user at any time. Based on the subscription model, developers have a chance to build a maximal 100% RTP gambling game and pro t by charging the players periodically.

Core player plan. The platform can also reward users for their high activity or good scores.

Network service provider plan. The value-added network service providers like storage providers, and third-party service providers can also be rewarded by Faireum ICO based on the volume of contributions they have made to the network.

Other plans can be introduced at a later stage by Faireum ICO as deemed necessary for intensification purposes.

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