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Complete logistical solution for all markets and supply chains. EndChain ICO rating – 67

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PRE ICO Dates : 11/12/18 – 31/01/19
Upcoming ICO : 01/12/19 – 31/12/19

ICO rating
Business: 15/20 Product: 3/5 WP: 9/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 3/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 13/20 Token applying: 3/5 Promotion: 12/20 
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About EndChain ICO (token sale)

EndChain ICO is a utility token that changes the way logistics are handled across industries in a cost-savvy way.

How will it work?
EndChain aims to cover each sector of the supply chain, including the second hand market. Our product will be affordable, allowing even every day goods to be tracked on the blockchain. Additional functions for communications among the supply chain & allowing to set up subchains, further enhances the relevance of the product for the supply chain.

Simple to use
The EndChain QR code is unique in that it incorporates a barcode within the QR code. This design allows for simplified use as EndChain users will know to scan the only code found on the packaging. Other businesses which rely on legacy barcode technology will be able to scan the embedded barcode. Thus, EndChains QR code creates a singular code to work on any type of system. An additional benefit is that the single code can update both the blockchain and any internal legacy systems with a single scan. The goal of this is to reduce complexity while increasing efficiency.

Value creation
A blockchain company can only be as strong as its economy. EndChain is committed to both its corporate users and investors. To ensure that the needs of both are met, a deflationary self-regulating economy will be used. Corporations will be encouraged to buy and hold EndChain tokens in order to purchase QR codes, make smart contracts and access the data stream.

A percentage of the fees associated with these functions will be ‘burned’ to reduce the number of tokens in existence. Shall the market value of EndChain stay the same, the price of individual tokens will rise.

A token needs a thriving marketplace to be successful. Tokens that are not being utilized serve no purpose to investors. Additionally, tokens that do not have a consistent steam of buyers creates unstable prices. This is why EndChain has focused on ensuring a lively market by engaging companies to purchase EndChain tokens. By using our tokens, companies can receive a discount on our QR codes, big data and smart contracts.


The EndChain ICO will consist of 5 rounds over the prespecified time. Rounds will be based on the amount of tokens sold and will feature a live counter to track the progress. To reward early adopters of EndChain, earlier rounds will have a larger bonus. The next round will start when the previous round is fully funded. The rounds and their respective fundraising goals and bonuses can be found in the table below.

To encourage investments throughout the ICO process, the last stage will feature 5 giveaways. Each giveaway will be for 40,000 EndChain tokens. These tokens are identical to any other token in the EndChain platform. The winners will be randomly selected with each investor receiving an entry for each token purchased.

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