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The DigitalBits ICO is focused on driving mass market adoption of blockchain technology. DigitalBits ICO rating – 65

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Active ICO : 30/01/19 – 15/04/19

ICO rating
Business: 15/20 Product: 2/5 WP: 7/10 
Roadmap: 7/10 Legal: 1/5 ICO terms: 2/5 
Team: 14/20 Token applying: 4/5 Promotion: 13/20 
web site DigitalBits
web site DigitalBits
web site DigitalBits
web site DigitalBits
web site DigitalBits
web site DigitalBits

About DigitalBits ICO (token sale)

DigitalBits ICO Blockchain - The Transaction and Trading Layer for Various Digital Assets

DigitalBits ICO is a protocol layer Blockchain designed to help facilitate mass market liquidity of various digital assets and integrate with existing apps to drive market-adoption of Blockchain technology.

The DigitalBits ICO Project focuses on closing the gap between Blockchain innovation and driving mass adoption. The protocol integrates with existing consumer apps, leaving learned consumer behavior unaltered. Applications utilize DigitalBits technology to facilitate mass market liquidity of various digital assets. High-throughput and multi-hop transfer of assets allow for the seamless transfer of value, even in the absence of a direct market.

Key features of the blockchain include:

  • Multi-Hop Transfer (up to 6 hops)
  • Multi-Asset Support
  • Distributed Exchange (DEX)
  • High Availability & Scalability (10k+ TPS)
  • Enables market liquidity of digital assets.
  • MainNet launched, June 2018
  • Decentralized Trading Support
  • Network Trust Management
  • Compliance (AML/KYC) Tools
  • Enterprise Developer Support
  • In the Pockets of Millions

Our go-to-market strategy targets the multi-billion dollar loyalty and rewards industry. This will be the first digital asset category on the blockchain. This industry already possesses digital assets that sit in the pockets of millions. Consumers know how to earn those assets. No new learned behavior required.

The digital asset category is fragmented and lacks liquidity. DigitalBits-based tokens, multi-hop technology and on-chain trading (even if there is no direct market) are all benefits to consumers.

The DigitalBits ICO network consists of entities that perform different but complimentary roles in order to maintain the health of the network. The key role is played by the nodes that run the DigitalBits ICO blockchain-based software and connect to one another. These nodes are well supported by nodes that provide services such as compliance verification, mapping and RESTful APIs. Additionally, APIs, SDKs and wallets provided by DigitalBits facilitate businesses and third party developers to easily develop and deploy their custom apps and wallets.

Businesses and third-party developers could easily develop custom Apps by leveraging the Frontier API and DigitalBits ICO SDK. DigitalBits ICO also provides a native XDB wallet source code that can be directly used or easily adapted to create a brand specific wallet. The bridge server facilitates easy access for the end points to the federation and compliance server.

It is forecasted that it will take over 10 years to exhaust the reserves within the DigitalBits ICO Algorithmic Pool and Charity Pool. However, this is subject to several factors, including demand and the algorithms that will be integrated into the DigitalBits Algorithmic Pool. Therefore, this timeline cannot be guaranteed and forecasts may fluctuate from time to time.

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